RMC MKWS Designer Clothing

RMC MKWS stands for Martin Ksohoh Work Shop, and is a much sought after brand and rightly so. Known for their limited edition designs, filled with intricate embroidery, custom artwork and witty references to popular culture, RMC MKWS has received a lot of acceptance, especially from rap stars like Jay Z. With acceptances like this one RMC MKWS has become the Epitome of ‘cool’ and is passionately hunted for, by young connoisseurs of fashion. With mind blowing designs and a multitude of apparels to offer, it is not a surprise that RMC MKWS has a huge fan following. Read More…

Elegant simple and sometimes splendidly eccentric, RMC Jeans offers you a huge variety of waistcoats to choose from. Mix and match them with your collection of t shirts and denim jeans and get ready to bedazzle your audience.

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