RMC Jeans Tsunami Wave Embroidered Reversible Yellow Fleece Neck Warmer Snood REDM5503

Product Description

When the frosty wind bites, it is time to swaddle a neck warmer tight for some optimal warmth. This RMC Martin Ksohoh yellow fleece neck warmer is going to provide you that optimal warmth and with enough oomph too. The reversible snood has tsunami wave design on one side and the RMC slogan U NEVER KNOW U NEVER TRY on the reverse side. If you get bored of one design, you always have an option. Also the sunny yellow colour will keep you in good spirits and will not let the winter blues bother you much. SKU-REDM5503

Yellow fleece neck warmer snood
Toggle and pull cord closure
Length 29cm, width 29cm

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PRICE £34.99