RMC Mizuhiki Knot Embroidered RQP11105 MKWS 9th Anniversary Super Exclusive Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans REDM1206

Product Description

RMC Martin Ksohoh MKWS brings to life a very old Japanese art form, the Mizuhiki cord knot in this indigo raw selvedge jeans. It is a super exclusive design and worth investing in. You can see the intricately embroidered Mizuhiki knots in silver and red on the back pockets. This is what you get when true blues blend with traditions! An element of respect and honour in each piece of art created by Red Monkey Jeans. SKU-REDM1206

Gold embroidered belt loop
Gold coloured embossed Yoropiko flower rivets
Woven black MKWS material patch on waistband
Removable gold plated Yoropiko buttons
Five pocket, Printed pocket cloth

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PRICE £299.99