Yoropiko Exclusive Black Embroidered Star Wars Vintage Cut Model 1002 Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans YORO1226

Product Description

A rare raw red selvedge adorned vintage cut model 1002, this star wars denim is a classic head turner. This beautiful exclusive Jeans With the Star Wars logo on back pockets by MYM is a typical example of embellishing decor that Yoropiko offers. This Jeans also has the best features of every MYM product, with gold metal thread embroidered flower and belt loop. The storm troopers embroidered on the sides, the removable 18k gold rhodium finished copper waistband and fly buttons makes it a must have for all Star Wars fans and enthusiasts. SKU-YORO1226

Gold metal thread
Deer skin leather patch on waistband
Embroidered star wars logo on back pockets
Made in Hong Kong

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PRICE £699.99