RMC Jeans Dark Indigo Limited Production Toyo Story Fisherman Embroidered Raw Vintage Selvedge Jeans REDM9072

Product Description

RMC Martin Ksohoh is another name for unique and extravagant creations. The full back embroidered creations are so extravagant and beautiful that it is mindboggling. The amount of work that has gone into it is visible by its perfect and extremely artistic creation. Each work is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. This dark indigo raw selvedge denim jeans has a full back TOYO STORY FISHERMAN embroidery on the back, which is the focal point of the jeans. The jeans has a red/green selvedge line on the inner side. This vintage cut jeans has been labelled with an individual ID serial number along with the logo on a leather patch on the waistband for jeans warranty. Own this masterpiece now! SKU-REDM9072

Full back embroidered Toyo Story Fisherman across back seat and pockets
Vintage cut red/green selvedge raw denim
Embroidered tsunami wave ticket pocket
Embroidered belt loops
Five pocket button fly copper rivets
Printed pocket cloth red tab on back seam
Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number

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PRICE £369.99