RMC Jeans Dark Indigo RQP11093 Seven Lucky Gods Slimmer Cut Selvedge Raw Unwashed Denim Jeans REDM1212

Product Description

When it comes to pure style with a unique identity, RMC Jeans are the undisputed champions. Staying true to their roots, the seven lucky Gods design has the embroidered back pockets, a signature design cue that is made to impress. The painted metal and waistband buttons add charm to the overall design of the jeans well. Crafted from authentic unwashed selvedge raw denim, these super exclusive jeans are a must have addition to your wardrobe. Sport it for that special date to carry all the luck that you need. SKU-REDM1212

Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number for warranty
Painted metal waistband button and fly buttons
Multi-colour embroidered 7 Lucky Gods on back

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PRICE £599.99