RMC Jeans Dark Indigo Super Exclusive Toyo Story Tokaido Village Embroidered Vintage Raw Selvedge Jeans REDM9080

Product Description

RMC Martin Ksohoh provides you a jeans with a sartorially inspiring look. This is a super exclusive jeans with a full back embroidery. The embroidery depicts a typical Japanese cultural scene. A Tokaido Village homecoming scene, where you can see all the actions very clearly. The fineness with which the details are added is exemplary. The embroideries in the Toyo Story series claims work of over 800,000 stitches, and it is all done by experienced master craftsmen. The aesthetically appealing embroidery on the genuine and authentic raw selvedge denim is a lethal combination. The vintage styled jeans is a must have for your wardrobe. Check for the red/green selvedge line on the inner side. The jeans is given an individual ID serial number for jeans warranty and it is printed along with the logo on the leather patch on waistband. SKU-REDM9080

Full back embroidered Homecoming scene
Classic loose fit
Five pocket button fly with copper rivets
Red and green line selvedge
Embroidered ticket pocket
Printed pocket cloth
Leather patch on the waistband
Individual ID serial number
Red tab on the back seam
Waist true to size

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PRICE £369.99