RMC Jeans Super Exclusive Vintage Cut Dark Indigo House Selvedge Denim Crane Go Home Embroidered Jeans REDM2898

Product Description

The back pockets of RMC Martin Jeans are embroidered in a resplendent design, of the CRANE GO HOME on the background of the tsunami waves design. The gold embroidery of the jeans on ticket pockets and belt loops, are made from dark indigo raw denim and are extremely fashionable. This is a fine blend of designer fashion and relentless comfort. It is a worthy collector’s item, indeed. Add the jeans to your arsenal of casual clothes, now! SKU-REDM2898

Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number for jeans warranty
Embroidered Crane go home with gold tsunami waves back pockets
Embroidered inner front pocket

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PRICE £299.99