RMC Jeans Vintage Cut Blue Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans with DUELIST KIMONO Embroidery REDM3701

Product Description

Give your casual fashion a touch of custom RMC styling with this dark indigo jeans. The jeans is styled with the intricate embroidery on the back pockets, on the left back pocket is the embroidery of the duelists in black who are fighting each other on a background of blazing flames in red yellow and white. On the right back pocket are the flowery Kimono designs embroidered in detail. The front ticket pockets of the jeans are styled with matching embroidery as well. The jeans are crafted from dark indigo raw denim and are a super exclusive designer item. The serial number on the leather patch confirms the super exclusive status of these designer jeans. SKU-REDM3701

Embroidered ticket pocket
Embroidered belt loops
Five pocket, Button fly
Copper rivets, Red tab
Printed pocket cloth
Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number for jeans warranty

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PRICE £299.99