RMC Martin Ksohoh 1001 Slimmer Cut Dark Indigo Japanese Kamon Raw Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans REDM0242

Product Description

Crafty and creative embroidered denims. Tradition inspired designs exquisitely crafted on your dark indigo raw selvedge denim jeans. An influx of tradition into modern style. Authentic Martin Ksohoh Denims with perfect finishing achieved in five pocketed, button flies and slimmer cut 1001 model denims. Be peculiarly distinctive with your style with the Japanese Kamon and multi-coloured tsunami waves embroidery layered on top of gold embroidered tsunami waves in the background. This pair of red line selvedge denim jeans also features tsunami waves embroidered on belt loops and ticket pocket to extend the theme to a whole new level. SKU-REDM0242

Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number for jeans warranty
Gold embroidered ticket pocket and belt loops
Signature tsunami wave embroidered back pockets
Embroidered Japanese Kamon on right back pocket
Left back pocket embroidered with multi-coloured tsunami waves
Painted waistband button
Slimmer cut 1001 model
Unwashed dry raw denim
Red line selvedge

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PRICE £299.99