RMC Martin Ksohoh Custom Made Gift Box Button Set in Diamond and Ruby RMC2337

Product Description

Be a diamond so rare! A stone not found everywhere! Exclusive craftily designed embellishments making you so rare are RMC Martin Ksohoh custom made diamond and ruby button set. A magical craft by skilled craftsmen as 2.5 cm diameter waistband button and four 1.5 cm diameter fly buttons. All etched in base material 925 Sterling Silver in 18 Carat white gold rhodium inset with diamond stones and ruby stone in the centre of a flower. Shine because the universe is yours! SKU-RMC2337

Base material 925 Sterling silver
Finished in 18 carat white gold
75 diamond stones and 1 ruby stone in waistband button
31 diamond stones in 2 rows in fly buttons
1 ruby stone in fly buttons
Rhodium inset with precious stones

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PRICE £16995.00