RMC Super Exclusive Embroidered Silver Tsunami Wave Dark Indigo Vintage Cut Raw Denim Jeans for Men REDM6217

Product Description

The full back embroidered with the silver tsunami waves design on these vintage cut denim jeans, makes for a splendid design. The jeans are made from authentic house selvedge raw denim for comfort and resilience. The copper rivets and the embroidery on the ticket pocket and belt loops give the jeans a rebellious charm. These jeans are perfect for wearing with cotton Henley tee. Wear the authenticity and originality of RMC Jeans with confidence! SKU-REDM6217

Full back embroidered Silver Tsunami wave
Vintage cut, five pocket
House selvedge, raw denim
Tsunami wave embroidered belt loops and ticket pocket
Button fly, copper rivets
Printed pocket cloth, red tab
Leather patch on waistband
Individual ID serial number for jeans warranty

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PRICE £299.99