RMC Super Exclusive MKWS 9th Anniversary Mizuhiki RQP11104 Black Unwashed Selvedge Raw Denim Jeans REDM1205

Product Description

Fashion wear that brings traditions alive! RMC Martin Ksohoh mens exclusively handcrafted and embroidered silver white and red Mizuhiki style tied knot on back pockets. Tying you to traditions is the original classic five pocket denim designed with metal waistband button and rivets painted in red. An ode to Mizuhiki, a traditional way of gifting with respect and honor. Grab this pair of jeans with buttoned fly today! Pair it with an eccentric RMC tee and a pair of sneakers to complete the bold look. SKU-REDM1205

MKWS 9th Anniversary
Painted red metal waistband button
Red rivets
Woven black materiel patch on waistband

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PRICE £299.99