Yoropiko Signature Martin Yat Ming Greedy Genius Selvedge Denim Jeans YORO5816

Product Description

Yoropiko Signature Martin Yat Ming Greedy genius vintage cut raw selvedge denim jeans. Jazz up your vintage denim the casino way, with embroidered casino style coins for fly buttons. Gold metal thread embroidered belt loop and flower for the stud look. Get ready for a flamboyant gambler makeover. Wear it with a light graphic t shirt and white sneakers for a relaxed yet hip look. SKU-YORO5816

Embroidered and applique Greedy genius back pockets
Removable waistband and fly buttons
18ct Gold rhodium finished copper waistband and fly buttons
Five pockets with printed pocket cloth
Deer skin leather patch on waist band
Logo embroidered on black velvet

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PRICE £459.99