Yoropiko Vintage Cut Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans with Hungry Dragon 574 Royal Blue Sky Blue Pink Embroidery YORO5416

Product Description

Yoropiko jeans have a cult following among fashion enthusiasts because of their unique look, extreme comfort, and maximum durability. The designs are super exclusive and are the works of the famous Martin Yat Ming. This Yoropiko jeans is a limited edition jeans, which has a large hand embroidered Hungry Dragon applique on the back in royal blue, sky blue and pink colours. The jeans also sports an embroidered belt loop, ticket pocket and inner front pocket. This is a collectors item, own one before they are all gone.SKU-YORO5416

Button fly, Red tab
Deer skin leather patch on waistband
Five pocket with Printed pocket cloth
Embroidered belt loop, ticket pocket and inner front pocket
Black velvet presentation bag with embroidered logo

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PRICE £599.99