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A Detailed Look at Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans - Part 1

24th January, 2019 @ 12.51 pm

A Detailed Look at Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans - Part 1

Raw Denim JeansThe Interesting Case of Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim jeans are an elite addition to a fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. As a matter of fact, we at RMC jeans believe that it is a distinguished addition into any man’s wardrobe, irrespective of what his personal tastes look like. That is how much of a quality apparel raw selvedge denim jeans are. Today we are going to look at what makes them so special and why they are given the ‘elite’ status in the world of fashion.

Just What Exactly are Raw Denim Jeans?

You may have heard the term ‘raw denim’ over and over again to a point where it may have become too boring for you to wrap your head around. But then again you may have come across this word so many times because clearly you are on a quest to find what raw denim fabric is or you may be on a quest to learn how to recognize high-quality denim jeans. In any case, our series on raw denim jeans are designed to give you the lowdown on what's hot with raw denim jeans.

Raw and Selvedge Denim

If you have been looking at our product lines, you would have noticed that there is another term that comes associated with raw denim. That word is, ‘selvedge’. To understand the difference between these two terms we need to take a few steps back and look at the process in which denim jeans are made.

Before denim jeans became an integral part of mainstream fashion they were called workwear and were used predominantly by men who worked in coal mines. These jeans (the first series manufactured by Levis) were crafted on the shuttle loom. Today most denim jeans are manufactured on what are known as projectile looms. The process of weaving cotton and turning them into denim is much faster on a projectile loom compared to the shuttle loom. But the denim that was created using shuttle looms are woven tightly and tend to feel thicker and more premium compared to their counterpart.

One significant difference between the fabric crafted using shuttle looms is that the edges of the denim fabric come finished with a band of fabric sealing the fibres of the denim fabric to prevent it from unfurling and coming apart in shreds. Manufacturing denim jeans on a shuttle loom was a complete approach to the manufacture of denim jeans that, despite being slow put out high-quality denim that was heavier and sturdier. Since the edge is ‘processed’ and treated to stop the threads of the fabric from coming apart, the denim fabric came to be known as ‘self-edge’, that eventually went on to become selvedge.
Selvedge Denim jeans
At RMC Jeans we are purists and we believe in promoting the goodness of the quality of denim jeans that were originally created to brave the hard requirements of the workplace. Hence we honestly believe that Selvedge raw denim jeans are one of the best quality denim jeans that you can possibly get your hands on, due to the excellence of the manufacturing process. No wonder why the Japanese who are famous for preferring quality over quantity are now the masters of manufacturing selvedge denim fabric, which was originally an American creation?

Stay tuned to this section as we bring you more high quality (no pun intended) information about selvedge as we continue this multiple part series on Raw Selvedge Denim jeans.

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