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An Underwear Guide for Men

21st June, 2019 @ 01.52 pm

An Underwear Guide for Men

The loincloth has travelled a long way since Adam came to sense after sinking his tooth into the apple and ran off to cover his dignity with a couple of leaves, and today is known all over the world as underwear. However, even in his wildest dreams, Adam would not have imagined that there would be so many technologies involved in creating perfect underwear.

Underwear is the second skin on a man’s body, and as it is worn for most of the day, one must buy these things with utmost care. Men’s underwear come in different shapes, sizes, materials, colours, and fits, and since there are so many choices, often men can get confused, hence here is a guide to let you know how to pick the best underwear for yourself.

Underwear is the foundation for your outfit. If you are not comfortable in your underwear, you will never be comfortable in whatever you wear on top of it. Usually, most men just don’t have any preferences when it comes to underwear and either go for the cheapest option or buy whatever looks good to their eyes.

If we ask you what the functions of underwear are, how many answers do you think can you come up with? Well, underwear is a vital piece of your ensemble because it gives good support to your genitals. It prevents any type of friction between your junk and trousers. Did you know that testes are very temperature sensitive? Underwear helps directs temperature, keeping the body warm as well as cooling it when the correct materials are utilized! It keeps your garments clean by engrossing perspiration and body liquids.

Mens briefs
Although there are many types of underwear available for men, they all originate from the three main designs that are trunks, briefs, and boxers.

•    Briefs:
This is one of the most preferred designs when it comes to men’s underwear. The classic Y-front design makes it suitable for men of all ages. They just cover what is necessary to be covered leaving the things open. However, they, offer wonderful support and are great if you are athletic and do a lot of sports activities or workout a lot in the gym. With its elasticated edges, the briefs offer a perfect and agreeable fit and since they are designed to end just above the thigh, it provides plenty of room for movement. Mens briefs can be worn comfortably under practically anything. They come in a wonderful variety of colours, designs, and sizes.

•    Boxers:
These are loose underwear that offers comfort but will not provide any support. They offer the best breathability compared to any other men’s underwear. They have an elastic waist but the rest of the underwear is baggy and one can enjoy an unrestricted movement in them. Although they provide a lot of coverage as they cover even the upper thighs, these can get rolled up under your trousers or jeans, so they are great for when you are around the home or on a holiday. They are also great for wearing to bed.

Mens trunks
•    Trunks:
This you can say is a hybrid of boxers and briefs. They provide maximum coverage just like boxers and provide great support and fit just like briefs. Mens trunks are usually made from good quality fabric and have a stylish appearance. Men who are slim will feel comfortable in this underwear. Also, it is great for men who prefer wearing slim fit trousers. With their snug fit, they will not roll up and with no side seams, the seams are not visible over the trousers.

Apart from these main types, there are also other varieties like jockstraps, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, thongs, etc. Depending on your body shape and your preference you can opt for the best type of underwear for yourself.

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