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Authentic Sources for Official RMC Jeans Apparel and Accessories

21st May, 2018 @ 04.59 am

Authentic Sources for Official RMC Jeans Apparel and Accessories

The Goodness of RMC Jeans products:
Over the years, RMC Jeans products have achieved a cult status. They are revered even by denim purists for their authenticity. All of this can be attributed to our ‘no compromise’ approach to the quality of our products. But most importantly, it is because we follow the original goodness of the traditional method of crafting denim fabric. Our denim jeans are crafted using the traditional shuttle looms which give each one of the denim jeans that we craft, a unique character. Because of the native attribute of shuttle looms to create variations in fabric, denim heads all over the world love raw selvedge denim fabric made from these looms

Authentic RMC JeansDealing with fake products:
Due to this widespread popularity of our products, t-shirts and denim jeans from RMC Jeans are subject to limitations and counterfeits as well, and this is something that we have to deal with on a regular basis, an unfortunate consequence of being the creators of iconic products! It is very hard to replicate our designs, the posers (as we like to call them) manage to fall short leaving behind telltale signs that convey very well of their spurious nature. Dealing with fake apparel is something that every famous fashion house in the world has to deal with. It requires some smart thinking, something that we employ a lot of at RMC Jeans.

First off, our stringent quality control enables us to give our customers a detailed guide on how to recognize fakes. Secondly, we maintain a strict code of sale. The only authentic sources for our customers to get their hands on original RMC denim jeans products are Niro Fashion in the UK and the RMC jeans Nagaya shop in Japan. Our authentic online sources are rmcjeans.com, togged.com, nirofashion.com, rmcjapandenim.com and the official Amazon stores of togged, and finally the eBay store of NiroFashion. We bring the convenience of e-commerce to the fingertips of our customers while managing to give them a great in-house purchase experience with our physical stores.

Shopping at our official store gives our customers the confidence of being able to enjoy all the goodness that comes with official RMC Jeans products. Any other source that sells RMC Jeans products claiming it to be authentic, is either selling you a used product or simply a fake one! Every fake product is the theft of the vision of an organization. Most importantly we think it is a blatant disrespect of the trust that our loyal customers place in us. The faith of our customers means everything to us, hence we take this opportunity to introduce you to the right business channels that you can trust with your eyes closed.
RMC Apparel at Nagya Shop
With the decision to move our operations to Okayama in Japan, we have a lot of great things headed your way in the form of official RMC Jeans products. A chance for us to set up shop in one of the denim capitals of the world has just made it that much more convenient for us to source denim fabric that denim heads can die for. Stay tuned to our official website for more news on the latest developments at RMC Jeans as the rest of the year progresses.


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