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Creating your Own Distressed Denim Jeans

20th January, 2019 @ 09.47 am

Creating your Own Distressed Denim Jeans

It was during the 90s that distressed and ripped denim jeans became ‘cool’. Thanks to the explosion of Grunge rock bands during the time, it did not take very long for distressed denim jeans to become a part of mainstream fashion. The generations before the kids of the 90s all mocked the thought of wearing torn denim jeans and laughed their heads off when they came across a kid wearing one. But slowly and steadily distressed jeans have become an important part of mainstream fashion today and there is no denying that they are absolutely sexy.

What you need for the job
Like with everything else in life, you need some basic tools and a plan. Now that you are beginning your work with an old pair of anything, you can make some mistakes. But when you are working with a good pair of denim jeans that you intend to wear as the main part of your wardrobe, you need to be careful. The process of distressing denim jeans is one of those things that can render your jeans unusable if you mess it up. You will need a chopping board, sandpaper, a filing tool, a table and a comfortable chair.

Denim jeans with patch

RMC Distressed JeansThe list of things to try:

•    Rips and Distresses: Get straight down to the point by placing your denim jeans on the chopping board. The idea here is to get those attractive distresses going without cutting through the denim material. Identify the areas on your jeans where you would like to give it a try. Knees, thighs and front pockets are some of the areas where you can try for starters. ‘Mark’ the areas with the sandpaper before you begin fraying the outer threads. This will give you an idea of what the finished patterns are going to look like.

•    Patches in Jeans: Patches in denim jeans are just as sexy as distresses themselves. They made their way into mainstream casual fashion from the Grunge Rock days as well. From band artwork to personal insignias, there are so many things that you can do when it comes to patchwork. Plan the areas where you want to place the patches, iron them and attach them to the denim jeans with simple stitches.

•    Fraying the Hems: Make sure that your jeans are at the same length. The best way to do this is to iron your jeans down. Take a piece of chalk and mark the areas that you want to fray. Lightly scrub them with the sandpaper to loosen the threads. Then take a pair of tweezers and pull at the threads to achieve the frayed hems look.

•    Adding Paint Splatters: This one is fairly complicated. However, if you are careful enough to follow exact patterns, you can achieve this look comfortably. As the name suggests it looks like a splash of paint on your jeans. Place your denim jeans flat on the ground over newspapers and flick the paint onto the jeans. You can do this with a gradual movement of your hands to make sure that the paint spreads well.  Start with light blue denim jeans and white coloured paint. As you master the technique, you can try it with different colours.

At RMC Jeans we are advocates of individual style. With this tutorial, you can truly achieve your custom style!

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