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Denim Trends over the Years (Part I)

8th March, 2019 @ 11.54 am

Denim Trends over the Years (Part I)

If there is one thing that has found a permanent place in a man’s wardrobe, it is none other than his faithful jeans. He can trust them completely to give him a personalized touch when in doubt. It is the safest bet as they can practically be worn with almost anything. There is no doubt about their versatility! Since the inception of the first pair of jeans, they have taken over different shapes and forms and have come a long way with each decade having a different trend in denim. Today let’s get a little nostalgic and look at all the popular trends that this faithful piece of apparel has adorned in the past.

For Miners Only:
Jeans were first invented in the 1800s and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, they wanted something strong and sturdy for the laborious and hardworking blokes of the 1800s. When jeans were introduced, they became an instant hit with the miners.

Entry into Hollywood:
It was not until the 1930s that jeans made their entry into Hollywood; however, they were still limited to those actors who played the roles of cowboys in the movies. Jeans had to wait another two decades before they became a fashion staple that was worn by both men and women in movies as well as in public.

The 1950s:
Jeans were just letting their presence felt and were fast becoming a favourite of everybody. Actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean were almost always seen in them on a regular basis. Although they were gaining popularity, they were still worn only by men! In 1952 however, when Marilyn Monroe wore jeans in the movie “River of No Return” they soon became a hit with the ladies too.

A major part of the 1950s, jeans had a kind of a boxy look to them. The shapes were not well-defined. It was neither tight nor loose and was worn with the signature rolled-up style. In the late 1950s, jeans paired with a white t-shirt became a favourite among men.

Light Washed Jeand from RMC

The 1960s:
The early years of the 1960s saw the boxed-type of jeans; however, as the years went on, they turned out to be progressively easy going, increasingly fitted, and more hipster motivated. They turned out to be more standard and less Western-enlivened. By the time it was the mid-60s, the bottoms of jeans had flared to a large extent while the waists were pretty tight. This trend was popularized by celebs like Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix. At the end of the 60s, there was also an introduction of boot cut jeans along with flare varieties. The late 60s also saw denims in lighter shades or light washes.

Straight Leg Jeans from RMC

The 1970s:
Although boot cut was a favourite in the late 60s flares had taken over the fashion world by storm, and jeans were not to be left behind. Along with flare; frayed cuffs, patches, and embellishments on the jeans were huge. It was one of the trendiest times for jeans. The ‘70s were the golden era of bell bottoms and its presence was felt in the kingdom of jeans too. Jeans were rather well fitted at the waist region and had huge flares at the bottoms. By mid-70s the bell bottoms became even more dramatic leading to elephant bells which were just large flares on the jeans that started from the calves. By late ‘70s slim, straight leg jeans had kicked in bringing along with it a punk-inspired vibe. Jeans also got rather tight and dark by the end of the 70s.

Curious to know what the 1980s were like for jeans? Well, stay tuned as we will be soon posting the second part of this article very soon.

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