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How They Should Fit

22nd April, 2018 @ 06.16 pm

How They Should Fit

With denim jeans it is all about the fit. This is a statement that you might have come across in the majority of men's fashion blogs. The reason behind the regular feature of this fact is simple. The fit of denim jeans is very important. Denim is one of the few fabrics that can accentuate and flatter the human body like no other. But the thing about denim jeans is that with the fit alone there is so much that you can do. There are a large number of styles and combinations that you can come up with when you consider the fit of your jeans.

Vintage cut denim jeansAre you someone who enjoys the aplomb of a dressier attire? Or do you enjoy being a rock star? All these preferences show that each one of us is an individual. We have our own tastes and styles. Denim jeans are a great way of trying multiple styles. This is because of their versatility. They bring so much to the table with their elegance and simplicity that they can influence the way people perceive your personality when you dress in them. So, irrespective of what your personality prefers, here are the top four recommendations from us for you to try.

●    The Rockstar: Needless to say, the rock star look is our favourite. It is effortlessly sexy. It is cool. It is awesome. Most importantly, who doesn't love a rockstar, right? The key to achieving a great rockstar look is to get a close, appealing look. Remember how we said that jeans accentuate the human body like few other fabrics can? This is one of those looks that uses the mileage of denim jeans to hug your body. Slim fit denim jeans, t-shirts, boots and jackets are all you need to conquer this look.

●    The Professional: This look is as hot as the rock star look, but happens to lie on the other end of the spectrum. The professional look is all about elegance and neatness. The denim jeans that make up the core of this look must be plain and without distresses. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can go with a pair of slightly faded or lightly washed jeans. Throw on a solid coloured shirt, preferably in tones of white and grey on top. Complete this look with a dark navy blue colour for a great day at the office.

●    The Vintage: Although slim fits are making an appearance everywhere, vintage styled jeans are popular as well. Worn by the legends like Steve McQueen, vintage fit denim jeans are roomier than slim fits. They tend to drop down in a much more relaxed fashion compared to their tight-fitting counterparts. A unique style in every regard, vintage denim jeans have the same width at the knee and at the ankles. Vintage fits work well with shirts, especially plaid shirts.

●    The Hip Hop: Although the actual baggy jeans from the 90 s are not in contention like they used to be, hip hop has adapted well to contemporary styling cues. Hip-Hop inspired jeans are looser at the hips and thighs. A fine example of these denim jeans is our collection of embroidered jeans from the “Hungry Dragon” series. These jeans are best worn with t-shirts and sporty pullovers.

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