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How to Wear Denim Shorts

15th March, 2019 @ 02.16 pm

How to Wear Denim Shorts

Denim jeans are relevant today in almost every occasion besides a black tie event. This goes to show how these iconic workwear masterpieces have transcended the trends of close to five generations. With their acceptance into a smartly dressed environment in the form of smart casuals, over the later years of the new millennium, they are now the most popularly worn garment on the planet. Versatility, the denim fabric has plenty of it! A pair of denim jeans can find its way into any outfit comfortably. But things get a little shaky when then the heat a.k.a. the summer season kicks into session.

But wait, that's what shorts are for dear friends. The exposed lower body not only keeps things comfortable but also makes a sexy style statement. If you haven't been missing legs days at the gym it is time to break out your denim shorts. They are a timeless classic that you must try this summer.

Black Denim Shorts from RMC

Here are some awesome styles for you to try:

•    Black Denim Monochrome: Black is a classy colour. That is why it dominates a man’s suit in a black-tie event. It is the monochrome appearance of the suit that gives it such a grand look. Going monochrome with denim shorts has a similar look that is perfect for, a house party for example. Try on a pair of black denim shorts with a black floral shirt for example and complete the look with white trainers. This is a look that will fetch you plenty of attention throughout the night. You can make variations to the colour of your shirt by taking it to as far as navy blue or brown and it will still look good with black shorts.

•    Indigo Classic: You would style a pair of indigo denim shorts just the way you would style a pair of indigo jeans. All white coloured tops work well with these shorts. Throw on a plain white t-shirt or a polo shirt and complete this look with boat shoes. This look is another classic that is becoming more popular with every passing year. You can use indigo denim shorts to create your personal style statements with printed t-shirts as well. Check out our collection of logo and graphic designer t-shirts to style up your indigo shorts.

Indigo Denim Shorts for Men

•    Light Variation: Denim shorts in colours like grey and light blue, form the ultimate canvas for introducing colours with your tops. Summertime is the ideal season to go crazy with colours. Denim shorts that are also of a light colour, compliment the flair of coloured t-shirts well. You can try on one of your vivid graphic tees inspired by pop culture with these denim shorts.

We have our latest collection of selvedge denim shorts on sale. Check out our collection of t-shirts to go all out RMC with your style. Choose from our collection of embroidered denim shorts with the trademark RMC jeans styling. You can master the styles mentioned above by playing around with the colour of the shorts and the embroidery on them. Create some memorable styles this summer with RMC.

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