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LifeStyles Defined interview with Mr Martin Ksohoh

5th September, 2012 @ 01.13 pm

LifeStyles Defined interview with Mr Martin Ksohoh

We’re very excited to have Martin find some time for an interview!

If you know Martin, he is without doubt possibly one of the busiest men you’ve ever met, so for him to be able to squeeze us in is a big deal! We just wanted to know a few things about Martin as a person, a designer, and finally a brand.

We hope you enjoy the interview

LD: Looking back on your childhood and adolescence, what made you want to become a designer?
Martin: Looking back on my childhood and growing up in the city, design was a necessary job; you had to work behind the brand. When I was growing up, I understood that my designs could change the world and life. And I could express my thoughts and ideas through my designs. I think this is one of the reasons I wanted to be a designer.

LD: How did you begin working at RMC?
Martin: This is the guide from God, over a decade ago, when I was a designer for other brands, I found that they just copied, do not really design. This is meaningless, so I decide quit the job. Afterward, I believe that God give me guidance

LD: What’s your favorite design? (Being by you or another designer)
Martin: Most of designs I like and appreciate but I especially like the design can integration into the life.

LD: What are the biggest misconceptions people have of you because you’re a designer?
Martin: I think my father, because of the economic background and their age; everyone has to work hard to earn their living. For their age, Design is not a good career because of instable. He did not understand and never support my decision. The only thing I can do, is do my best in order to prove that design can be a good career

LD: At what moment in your career did you have that realization where you felt like you made it?
Martin: Where you felt like your life exceeded your dreams?
I did not feel where I made it or exceed the dream. I can only say that this is the gift from the God. He reminds and guides me of the career path, even though sometime feeling hard, this is a learning process. God let everyone know me, and I am glad to have chance sharing my joy with all of them.

LD: Is there anything you wish you could do differently in your career what would it be?
Martin: If the cause can be other ways to deal with, I would choose to work art this field.

LD: What is the hardest part of being a designer?
Martin: A super good question, the most difficult is time management. Have to take time to design, squeeze time for family and keeping constant creative ideas..

LD: If you couldn’t be a designer, is there anything else you can see yourself doing?
Martin: I want to be a cook because I can share good food with all together.

LD: When you see other lines like Bathing Ape or Benji creating denim with the same formula you guys use at RMC, how does that make you feel?
Martin: They are all very successful business and have lot of retail shops’ enterprise. RMC is a personalize brand, regarding to RMC direction let people to decide.

LD: How would you define your personal style?
Martin: Requirements on the value of life! Quality, technology, history and faith, these all can get an answer in the RMC design and product.

LD: Who do you idolize?
Martin: My family!

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