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Men and their Bags, an Inseparable Combo

26th May, 2019 @ 01.20 pm

Men and their Bags, an Inseparable Combo

Men hold their accessories in high esteem because they do not buy many of them, and what they buy must go with a majority of the stuff they have in their closet. The world of accessories for men is totally different from women. While women need a different set of accessories with each of their dress, men can wear their accessories with a lot of their clothing. Since they do not buy accessories as frequently as women do, the accessories that are made for men are of fine quality and are an investment within itself. Also, the choice of accessories for men are limited, unlike women who have an infinite number of choices when it comes to accessories.

Bags are an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe and for men from all walks of life, we have picked the top five RMC bags that they can use on different occasions.

•    Briefcase: A few decades ago, a briefcase used to be the mark of the sophisticated working man. It was a thing that enhanced the hand of pretty much every man heading out to work; however, with the introduction of iPads and laptops, briefcases soon lost their charm, as professionals now could carry all their documents in one small gadget. However, you can always bring it back to style! A briefcase is the right accessory for an organized man, even his small laptop or iPad can go into this case along with all of his other important stuff. This classy red briefcase has a lot of room with different compartments to carry all your essentials in an organized manner. The stylish white logo on the red briefcase just adds some cool edge to the sophisticated look of this limited edition briefcase.

Leather Backpack

•    Leather Backpack: Whether you are a college-going kid or a working guy, this nylon with leather backpack is the perfect choice to carry all your essentials. This strong, well-built and versatile backpack can also be your gym companion or a travel companion when you want to go out for a weekend. It can be whatever you want it to be! It has enough space and has two inner zipped compartments and 2 pockets. With so much space, you can organize all your essentials efficiently. The front pocket has a cool self-coloured signature logo. This is a must-have piece of accessory by RMC Jeans in any man’s wardrobe.

Messanger Bag for Men

•    Messenger Bag: A cross body shoulder bag or the messenger bag although has been the go-to bag for teenage college-going kids, with the passion of designers to create something aesthetic as well as still maintaining its functionality, the messenger bag today comes in several sleek designs. It is designed to look uber cool and the one who carries it almost always nails the cool, young-at-heart look even if it is a man with salt and pepper hair who is carrying it. It gives some kind of swag to the bearer of the bag. This cool metallic black waterproof bag is not only designed to make you look cool, but its strong build is made to last.

despatch bag

•    Despatch Bag: This is another awesome accessory that a man should have in his wardrobe. A great combination of utility and aesthetics, the despatch bag contains ample compartment space and in a single bag, you can carry your laptop, lunchbox, and also your important documents. Built to last, its exterior is aesthetically pleasing with a big bold RMC logo print on the front and three main pockets equipped with zippers. The detachable leather handles with stripe are strong enough to hold all the luggage you put inside the bag.

Duffle Bag
•    Duffle Bag: Now this denim with leather duffle bag is for someone who lacks patience or just likes to dump everything in one hole and carry. This is the perfect bag for that guy who is a hippie at heart. It is cool, it is simple, it is easy, and it can carry everything. The duffle bag does have a single inner pocket. The top is made of denim and the bottom is made of leather. The pull cord closure passing through the brass eyelets just adds to the cool hippie touch of your ensemble.

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