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Prose to Raw Selvedge Denim

6th May, 2018 @ 05.43 pm

Prose to Raw Selvedge Denim

One can usually identify a pair of Raw Selvedge denim jeans based on its colour and the finish of the fabric. The word selvedge literally means an edge produced on a woven fabric that prevents it from unravelling. It is just the way denim fabric was made back when the first pair of denim jeans were invented. Although usually credited to Levis Strauss, denim fabric was not created by this iconic man. The origins of denim fabric can be traced back to the city of Nimes in France. The word denim literally comes from the word 'Serge De Nimes' which translates to 'The fabric from Nimes' in English. But enough of the history lesson since there is plenty more where that came from. Today raw selvedge denim jeans are a coveted garment entirely because of their rich heritage.

indigo raw selvedge jeansLike you probably already know, the first pair of denim jeans ever created were of the 'Raw Selvedge' kind. It is the truest form of denim and is quite hard and rigid. Buying a pair of these babies is sort of making a life choice and committing to it. It takes some getting used to, but there is simply no competition to the rugged looks that it can impart to your casual fashion once it has been broken in and has developed fades and patterns. There are very few apparels that can invoke the raw masculine charm of casual style like denim jeans do. If you have decided to jump on the Selvedge denim bandwagon, welcome, you have come to the right place!

At RMC Jeans we like to preserve the goodness of heritage. This is exactly why we manufacture our collection of selvedge denim jeans for men using the old school approach to making them, using shuttle looms and natural Indigo dye. We have the good that can impress the hell out of even the purists! But we like to give our products our custom styling, hence the detailed embroidery. Even if you are not particularly a fan of artwork on denim jeans, our ‘RMC Martin Ksohoh’ collection is guaranteed to get you your Selvedge denim fix.

You can wear selvedge denim jeans in, just about any dressing scenario. Your imagination is the only limit. They are a natural fit with Streetwear, casuals and even smart casuals. The charm of selvedge denim jeans works naturally everywhere. Here are some styles to try.

•    Smart: That's right let us begin with smart dressing, just so you know how effective selvedge denim jeans can be. Try on the classic indigo denim jeans with a shirt, a blazer and complete this look with a pair of desert boots. If you have broken in your denim jeans well this is a look that is going to give the men around you quite the complex. That is how rugged and sophisticated it can be. Not bad for a garment that was created for use by labourers in a mine huh?

•    Causal: This is the turf where selvedge denim jeans excel. With casual clothing its rebellious comes out naturally. Wear them with T-shirts, Pullover, Sweatshirts, casual shirts or hoodies, they are still going to look equally good. Mix and match the mood of your outfit by pairing it with trainer shoes, boots or loafers, depending on what you are trying to achieve with your look.

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