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RMC Printed Shirts - Beat the Heat with Floral Prints

2nd June, 2019 @ 03.54 pm

RMC Printed Shirts - Beat the Heat with Floral Prints

It was back in the 1950s and 60s that summer wear looked a lot like the formal clothes of today. Trousers, shirt and blazer were the norm back in those days. When the summer heat arrived, men would just lose their blazer and been seen in shirts and trousers to feel a tad more comfortable. Men's summertime fashion has changed significantly since then. It has now become a platform to make interesting and powerful style statements.

At RMC Jeans, we are all about making noticeable style statements. So, for the upcoming summer season, we recommend something that is going to fetch you a truckload of attention and compliments, printed shirts! Some men are apprehensive about the effectiveness of their style. Much of this apprehension stems from the mental block in their head towards printed shirts. They think these prints are very feminine! Well guess what gents it is 2019 and believe it or not, printed shirts today are considered to be the ‘fun side’ of a man. If you don't try it, you are losing out on some effortless way to look dapper when the weather gets warmer.

Let's get straight down to the crux of the matter and take a look at some awesome styles that you can create with prints, shall we?

•    Blue Denim Jeans and White and Pale Blue Printed Shirts: Think of this look as the quintessential summertime style. For this style, you are going to need the RMC Jeans pale blue ‘ Tsunami waves design. From the colour combination to the foot of the garments in this ensemble, this is a winning combination of style and comfort. Complete this look with flip flops or trainer shoes depending on your mood.

Carp in lake Printed shirt from RMC Jeans

•    Smart Casual: Surprised? Don't be! You can create a splendid smart casual ensemble with printed shirts, provided you get the colour combination of the ensemble right. Try on something like the RMC human head bird body printed shirt with light coloured tailored trousers or chino pants. Make sure to tuck your shirt in and complete this look with derby shoes or brogue shoes in brown. This is an ensemble that is going to give you that extra appeal in photos. Make sure to try this on for your next summertime party at the local club!

RMC Printed Shirt

•    Black Denim Magic: We have said this before and we’ll say it again, black denim jeans are one of the most versatile apparels that you could possibly own. They also happen to be a natural fit with printed shirts. Although we personally recommend dark coloured printed shirts for wearing with black denim jeans, light coloured printed shirts also work well with the contrast that they add to this combination of printed shirts and black denim jeans.

•    Statement/Coloured Shorts: Fashion experts and enthusiasts alike recommend going crazy with colours during the summer. We highly endorse this! The bright sunny weather is the ideal time for you to break out some rich and bright colours into your fashion. The best way to try this look happens to be with printed shirts and chino shorts. While the printed shirts take care of your styling requirements from the waist up, chinos styled with lively colours take care of the bottoms. Combinations like red, green, yellow, light blue and brown are a great starting point for your chino shorts. Mix and match them with some printed styling combinations to create some radical and memorable ensembles.

Check out our collection of printed RMC Jeans shirts today!

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