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RMC Waistcoats - How to Wear Them

29th March, 2018 @ 05.35 pm

RMC Waistcoats - How to Wear Them

A waistcoat is one of the most underrated items in a man’s wardrobe. If you are looking to smarten up your style a waistcoat can do it like a seasoned pro. Unfortunately, it does not get featured a lot in mainstream fashion. We think this may be due to its ‘vintage’ looks. The good thing is these vintage styles are making a comeback and like you might have heard before, ‘there is no school like the old school’.

The waistcoat is not just about reviving an old school look. It is all about using a garment whose roots can be traced back aristocratic roots. It was never meant to be worn as a standalone apparel. But hey, rules are meant to be broken right? Hell yeah, they are! Why do things the way you were conditioned to do them? The waistcoat is a novel way of bringing in some uniqueness to your style without managing to look strange. Guess what, we have just the thing for you that can help you get the desired effect.

Waistcoats for men

Enter, the RMC Vintage cut regular fit waistcoat. Designed to be versatile and effective in both a casual and a smart dressing scenario, the waistcoat is made from cotton and is built from the ground up to be comfortable. That is not all, it has also been designed to bring back the goodness of the post-World War era into a modern day setting. Long before denim jeans were created for the first time, a pair of tailored trousers, a neat shirt and a jacket that resembles today’s blazer was the norm. Some men, especially business owners added a touch of sophistication to their staple style with a waistcoat. That is how effective a waistcoat can be.

We have managed to consider this ‘ability’ of a waistcoat to smarten up an ensemble and turn it into something truly practical and appealing.

Two Great Ways to pull off the RMC waistcoat are as follows:

•    Casual: Wear the waistcoat on top of a solid coloured shirt in a light coloured tone. The absence of any patterns on your shirt ensures that all of the attention lies on the waistcoat. Top this look off with a pair of denim jeans in blue. The type of denim jeans that you choose determines the overall mood of your attire. Something simple and neat like a pair of plain Indigo denim jeans is going to look smart. Faded jeans are going to look unconventional and interesting at the same time. This is a look that brings together the sophisticated look of a waistcoat with the playful and rebellious charm of denim jeans together.

RMC Waistcoat

•    Smart Casuals: Almost any apparel today can be incorporated into an efficacious smart casual look with minimal effort. The waistcoat is no exception to this. The unconventional look of the RMC jeans waistcoats preserves its rich formal look while managing to be relaxingly casual. These desired attributes make it the ideal candidate for use with a smart casual attire.

Try on the waistcoat with a chino or tailored trousers for a great base. If you are looking for further refinement, throw a blazer on that compliments the overall look of your attire and complete them with brogue shoes. The next time you are at a casual Friday event at your workplace or at a pub having a great evening out with your mates, show them that you are a man of styles with the charm of the RMC jeans waistcoat.

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