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Raw Denim, the RMC Way

15th February, 2019 @ 06.03 pm

Raw Denim, the RMC Way

We are well known all over the world for the incredible amount of detail that we bring with our designs on our embroidered denim jeans. But another important reason why RMC denim jeans go on to become a collector’s item very quickly is due to the fact that they are crafted from raw selvedge denim. There are very few things in the world of fashion that are as iconic as raw denim jeans. Denim enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike will not hesitate before spending premium prices on buying raw denim jeans. They are basically the ‘original’ denim material that was used to craft the first pair of denim jeans back in the 1950s. They are rigid, rugged and conform to the shape of the body of the wearer, giving them a unique fit that simply cannot be achieved with any other form of fabric. In short, raw denim jeans are not just an apparel, they are a way of life!

In order to further understand what the big deal is all about it is important to understand what makes them a way of life in the first place. Raw denim jeans, unlike their ‘washed’ counterparts are sold to the customer with the dye on the fabric intact. Unlike in the case of washed denim jeans. In order for raw denim jeans to bear patterns of wear, one has to wear them over a period of time and the jeans tend to leave behind patterns of wear based on the body movement of the wearer. Think of raw denim jeans as a canvas and the patterns that they develop as the art made by your body! The scope of this personal touch is the reason why raw denim jeans are endearing and almost always have a sentimental value.Raw Denim Jeans from RMC
RED Monkey Raw Denim JeansApart from this, when raw denim jeans are given their first wash the patterns that they bear become permanent. So in a very strange way the experience of wearing raw denim jeans over a period of time, letting them bear the pattern of your body movements like fading, whiskering and fraying and then finally giving them a wash to make these patterns permanent almost gives the same satisfaction as completing a piece of art over a period of months, or even years! This experience only accompanies raw denim jeans and no other fabric! Hence, raw denim jeans not only tend to cost more but they are also very popular and a coveted item.
This endearing aspect of raw denim jeans, combined with our signature embroidery makes for a winning combination of style and form factor that is unique through and through. Moreover, in our effort to preserve the essence of the vintage charm of workwear denim jeans of the 1950s in our products, our collection of men's denim jeans are vintage styled as well. For someone who appreciates the charm of a pair of extremely well-made denim jeans with custom artwork RMC Jeans is a natural choice. That explains why we enjoy the reputation of being one of the premier design houses all over the world for denim jeans! 

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