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The Core of Casual Dressing

7th April, 2018 @ 09.00 pm

The Core of Casual Dressing

Vintage cut denim jeansOften, casual dressing is mistaken for an excuse to wear just about anything one wants to wear. This outlook to dressing will do nothing but impair your consciousness to realize just what entails great dressing. Just because casual dressing almost always involves a pair of denim jeans and t-shirt doesn't mean that you shouldn't look sharp. There is a good chance that if your professional career requires you to be seen in dapper suits and smart casuals when the weekend arrives you simply couldn't be bothered with thoughts for your attire when you are gearing up to catch up with friends for example.

We don't blame you. The pressure to look your best can take its toll on a person. But we will say this. Looking sharp in casual clothes doesn't have to be hard, not even at the very least. Also, you need to pay attention to what you are wearing even if you are on your day off because you never know what it will matter. Think about this, you have just been invited over to your wife’s colleagues, how do you think ripped jeans T-shirts and flip-flops are going to look?

Here is what you need to do:

●    Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Just like printed T-shirts, sweatshirts and printed hoodies carry a bad rep as well. But do you know what? There are few things that are as hot as a tastefully designed printed hoodie or a sweatshirt worn with a pair of denim jeans that complement the style of the top you are wearing. Prints on clothes are art. Art is liberating. The next time you are out at a social gathering in a casual setting, try on one of our printed sweatshirts with a pair of plain denim jeans and simple white trainers. We guarantee that you are going to love the response you are going to get from the people around you!

printed hoodies

Vintage cut denim jeans●    Denim Jeans: Denims are sexy, durable and have a stylish demeanour to them. But they can also look unpleasant when not maintained well or are frayed unnaturally. A great pair of jeans can completely transform your casual look. A pair of denim jeans that are tidy, simple yet grand like the RMC Martin Ksohoh Vintage cut denim jeans are an absolute fashion essential. The fine blend of the fabric that we have used in it, the subtle and charming accents and their overall look is going to give your casual look a posh appearance.

●    T-shirts: Almost every fashion blog out there is endorsing the use of plain t-shirts with sharp dressing when using casuals. As people who have always believed in creating radical styles, we say, plain is bland. There is absolutely nothing wrong with including some art with your T-shirt. Let's face it, a T-shirt is one of the most expressive garments that you will ever wear. With t-shirts styled with interesting artwork you can look neat and interesting all at the same time. Check out our collection of printed t-shirts today.
printed t-shirts
●    White Trainers: We love white trainers because they work with a plethora of looks and styles. Firstly there are so many variations and styles of classic white trainers that are available. Most importantly, they can accentuate almost any casual ensemble that you can come up with. Try to incorporate the effortless style of white trainers into your fashion. It is well worth it.

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