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The Perfect Way to Pair your Shirts and Jeans

14th April, 2018 @ 03.33 pm

The Perfect Way to Pair your Shirts and Jeans

mens t-shirtSo you own a lot of denim jeans. As one of the world-renowned manufacturers of denim jeans, we truly appreciate that! But with everyone sporting jeans all the time things can get a little monotonous. So does that mean you have to move on to other apparel? Hell no! Jeans are one of the very few clothing items that can flatter your physique. Then again as a denim enthusiast and connoisseur, we bet you already know this. So how about making things interesting? Just enough for people to notice the finesse in your style? What you need is a style that is versatile, effective and most importantly, simple.

Besides the combination of T-shirts and denim jeans there is another top that makes an equally sublime, but a lot smarter combination that might just end up revolutionizing your style. The shirt! Denim jeans and a good men's shirt are the cornerstones of a man’s wardrobe. When both of them come together you get a flawless culmination of an attire that is casual enough for a high spirited time at the pub, yet also smart enough to be worn to an office event on casual Friday. So here are seven awesome denim jeans and shirt combinations for you to try:

•    White T-shirt or Shirt and Denim Jeans: We love a classic, so it is only fitting that we start off with one. A white shirt is second only to a well fitted plain white t-shirt when it comes to making men look attractive. You can wear a white shirt, left untucked with black denim jeans or better yet with pale blue denim jeans for that classic look. Boots and trainers are perfect for this one.
Checked Shirt
•    Checked Shirts and Jeans: Indigo denim, the good old original colour of denim jeans is a natural fit with patterned shirts. Checked shirts work particularly well with indigo denim jeans. You can play around with the colour and size of the checks to get yourself a grand, casual look.
Denim Shirt
•    Denim Shirt and Jeans: The denim on denim looks makes for a very interesting look. Blue denim shirt over black, indigo and pale blue denim jeans is a look that has a proven track record of being awesome. This denim on denim look is perfect for a streetwear attire during the chill of the autumn months.

•    Navy Shirt and Black Denim Jeans: This is a look that has a lot of that ‘smart’ charm that is effective with smart casuals. Leave your shirt left untucked for a casual environment. Tuck it in, throw on a blazer on top and complete this look for an effective smart casual look that you can wear to your office.

•    Skinny Jeans and Shirt: This one is for you if you are tall and in a great shape. The close, body-hugging fit of skinny fit denim jeans is complimented well by oxford shirts. This look when completed with a pair of trainer shoes, is going to have the ladies checking you out in hardly any time at all.
Grey Denim Jeans
•    Grey Jeans: In a sea of familiar looking denims, grey jeans can be a refreshing change. They have that ‘grunge rock’ appeal to their look. You can try them on with a variety of shirts to come up with radically different and unique style statements. Try a pale blue checked shirt with a pair of slim fit denim jeans in grey. Wear the shirt with a white T-shirt and leave the buttons of the shirt open for an awesome look.

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