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The Value of Old School Quality

16th March, 2018 @ 09.29 am

The Value of Old School Quality

The 21st century has seen a revolution in almost every aspect that encompasses our lives. From production to food and entertainment, the world has moved on to a fast-paced lifestyle. Speaking of ‘fast’, you already know how fast food has overtaken the preference for home cooked food all over the world don't you? This is because everyone loves the convenience of having things at their disposal with hardly any effort at all. The fact that all of these modern advancements make the world a better place is highly debatable.

Indigo Denim Jeans from RMC JeansTake for example clothing. The fashion industry is overflowing with plenty of products that are affordable. But the majority of them do not come with the quality that a consumer deserves. This, in turn, has triggered a bleeding effect in the perception of a consumer. The altered values of fashion, all thanks to the seamless acceptance of substandard fashion items has changed quality requirements of people today. But since fashion is all about top-notch quality products in the first place, fashionistas all over the world call for renowned fashion design houses like us at RMC jeans to refrain from succumbing to cheap commodity values. We are proud to say that we have not!

RMC Denim Jeans with EmbroideryIt is obvious today that the only way to stay alive in a fiercely competitive business like the fashion industry, is by being different themselves. This quest for unique products begins with quality and not just variety. Hence at RMC jeans, the core of our design philosophy is made up of an uncompromising approach to quality and focus on the creation of a brand heritage. A testament to these organizational values of ours is our use of hand dyed denim fabric.

Let us tell you this. Hand dyed Indigo denim jeans is a very rare commodity. In fact, it is so precious that fashion designers transform into kids who are about to receive their Christmas gifts the moment they are asked to design something out of it! The use of this fabric is akin to the grandeur of the use of precious gemstones in the creation of a necklace worth millions. This is how deeply it is revered in the fashion industry. The main reason behind such an enigma that surrounds this fabric is its impeccable heritage.

Cotton fabric dyed in the natural dye of the Indigo plant was predominantly used by warriors in medieval era Japan. While it was not exactly the denim that the world knows it to be today, it had that pleasing deep blue colour. The famed Edo warriors once used cotton fabric dyed in the dye extracted from the Indigo plant. It was a very integral part of their outfit. Since the Warriors were also a part of the aristocratic background, the rich heritage of cotton fabric dyed with natural Indigo gives it that royal charm. Indigo was also considered to be the most beautiful colour throughout Japan during the era of the Edo warriors.

Embroidered Denim Jeans

Thanks to this grandeur of RMC Jeans, we have always strived to make it an integral part of the denim jeans that we manufacture. Our love for denim jeans is immense and we believe that it should come with the goodness of the original way in which it was made. After all the old school charm of traditionally dyed denim fabric is priceless!

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