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Wearing Denim Jeans During the Summer

5th May, 2019 @ 02.57 pm

Wearing Denim Jeans During the Summer

“Denim is not the ideal choice for the spring and summer,” that is the consensus of a majority of fashion enthusiasts and style experts. But do you know what? It is not going to be long before you miss it, especially if you are a denim head. Denim heads are seen in jeans most of the time not because they love them so much, but because they find them extremely practical, even during the summer. Also, they don’t heat up nearly as much as you would think they do when the temperature goes up during the warmer months of the year.

Denim jeans are likely to play a huge role in your style irrespective of how old you are. The effortless way in which they impart style to your wardrobe is one of the reasons why you can rely on them during any time of the year. Here are some changes that you can make to your style in order to ensure that you feel comfortable and cool throughout the season. These are some things to consider when styling up with denim jeans this summer.

•    No Compromise on Fit: Unless you are wearing a modern denim fabric like stretchable denim jeans, relaxed fit denim jeans are the way to go during the warmer months. Thick denim jeans are not very breathable. So go for relaxed fit denim jeans that give your lower body plenty of breathing space. Our collection of relaxed fit selvedge denim jeans will fit your bill perfectly when it comes to fit. Look for the ideal pair of jeans and choose from a wide variety of solid coloured and embroidered denim jeans to suit your style.

•    Stretchable Denim Jeans: As mentioned previously, stretch denim jeans are the ideal choice for summer. They are made up of a blend of cotton and lycra and are light in construction. Our collection of RMC stretch cotton denim jeans are designed for enhanced comfort and versatility. From casuals to smart casuals, you can use these denim jeans in a wide variety of styles and combinations. Combine the comfort of stretch denim jeans with that of cotton t-shirts to redefine your street and casual style, especially if you are an outdoors person.

Tutorial on Distressed Jeans

•    Embrace the Distress: Got an old pair of RMC jeans lying around? Time to pull up our tutorial on distressed jeans begin work! This will breathe new life into your old pair of denim jeans since distressed jeans are extremely popular today. Most importantly, the distressing on denim jeans provide you with that much needed extra ventilation which makes your body feel cool.

RMC stretch cotton mix denim jeans
We have in stock, a wide range of denim jeans and t-shirts to go with them. Check out our latest collection of apparel, especially the RMC stretch cotton mix denim jeans to feel comfortable and to add some interest to your style. There are a plethora of styles and colours waiting for you in our collection. This summer, build your style around the awesomeness of RMC Jeans.

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