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Welcome to the Nagaya Shop

12th May, 2018 @ 08.56 am

Welcome to the Nagaya Shop

If there are two things that we at RMC Jeans are really proud of, they are the authenticity of our denim jeans and the rich embroidery artwork that appears on them. If you are an ardent fan of RMC Jeans apparel, you already know that some of the most iconic denim jeans to have come from our design studios are adorned with artwork that has its roots based in Japanese heritage. That is because we have a strong liking and a deep sense of respect for the oriental culture. Most of Martin Ksohoh’s designs are of Japanese origin.

Ultimately, we have a close connection to the land of the rising sun. But, like they say, the only thing that is constant in life is change and now we suddenly find ourselves relocated to, which also happens to be a major hub for denim manufacturing. It appears that life has come full circle for all of us at RMC Jeans!

We have moved into a picturesque place called the ‘Nagaya’ shop. It is a charming old place (80 years old to be precise) and is an authentic and a traditional Japanese residence that has plenty of the oriental old-school charm, just like the artwork on our denim jeans. It seems to fit well with our vision and needless to say, we feel right at home here. It is also our main store now, with Niro Fashion located in the UK being the only other store that sells authentic RMC Jeans apparel anywhere in the world.

Nagaya Shop, Japan


The most promising prospect of this arrangement is that we now have a much closer access to top-class, hand-dyed Japanese selvedge denim, a fabric that denim heads all over the world dream of getting their hands on. RMC Jeans products are poised to get better and more refined thanks to the uncompromisingly high-quality standard of the denim manufacture process of . Although denim jeans are an American creation, some of the best denim material that money can buy is made in Japan. This is due to the fact that the ‘old school’ method of making denim jeans has been preserved well in Japan, especially Okayama, a denim capital.

We now find ourselves in the right place to continue the great work that we have been accomplishing with our products for so many years now. The added advantage of moving to Japan coupled with some brand new designs that we have in the pipeline is certain to lead to the creation of more awesome RMC jeans apparels. We aim to preserve the goodness of RMC Jeans products and diversify the product portfolio in the coming months.
Nagaya Shop, Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

It is recommended that before buying RMC apparel or accessories from any other store that is not mentioned here, always check with us by emailing sales@mcjeans.com to be sure that you are purchasing authentic original and genuine product. For online purchases, rmcjeans.com, togged.com, nirofashion.com, Amazon store of togged, eBay store of NiroFashion, and rmcjapandenim.com are the only officially authorized exclusive stockists for RMC Jeans merchandise.

Stay tuned for the latest product updates and more.

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