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The Four Styles of Grey

10th March, 2018 @ 07.34 pm

The Four Styles of Grey

Grey is a very pleasant colour. It is very easy to style and very versatile in nature. When the versatility of grey colour combines with the simplicity of a sweatshirt, it can give you previously unexplored dressing options. A grey sweatshirt is usually the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts and is one of the most commonly used apparel, after the t-shirt as a favourite choice of wearing, especially after a great workout session. But style wise there is so much more to it. There are simply way too many great combinations that you can come up with, that involve a grey coloured sweatshirt. Believe it or not, a sweatshirt in grey without too much of funk on it can be worn with formal trousers as well, making it a superb choice in the smart casuals department. Here are some great combinations for you to try with your humble grey coloured sweatshirt.
Grey Sweatshirts
Grey Denim Jeans●    The Casual Friday Look: The day before the weekend that is spent at your office place is a great way for you to try some smart casual options. Try on you grey sweatshirt with a pair of well ironed, tailored trousers in navy blue, black or grey colour. Wear a plain white shirt on top of this and then your sweatshirt. This combination of a sweatshirt with a pair of formal trousers gives the same effect as wearing a blazer with denim jeans. It is a fantastic blend of smart clothes with a casual apparel. This neutral colour of the grey sweatshirt will accentuate your trousers and formal shoes well making for a mature and a neat smart look.

●    The Hangout Look: Everyone already knows that a sweatshirt is a natural choice for wearing with casual attire. So the next time you are hanging out with friends, try and include the neat look of a grey sweatshirt in your ensemble. Blue jeans with a pair of sneakers with a sweatshirt and a bomber jacket on top are going to give you that ‘jock’ look. Minimal, mature and stylish at the same time, this is a great way to show people around you that you can dress down and go casual with your style when you need do it.

●    The Smart Casual Look with More emphasis on ‘Casual’: Basically, this look is almost the same as the casual Friday look, with an extra helping of some casual charm. Swap your tailored trousers for a pair of distressed grey denim jeans. Complement this look with a designer casual shirt and your sweatshirt on top. It is a look that always works well!
Grey t-shirts
●    The Summertime Look: Summertime is when you get to wear shorts a lot, so break out your chino shorts and loafers and you can complete this look with your grey t-shirt. This look is ideal for when the weather is not too hot or cool. Comfort is the name of the game with this one.

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