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Japanese Family Crests and Style

27th May, 2018 @ 07.59 pm

Japanese Family Crests and Style

Japanese society has been celebrated all over the world for its empowered nature, innovative outlook and respect for cultural values. The sheer amount of cultural diversity in the Japanese people is astounding. They have a rich heritage and years of cultural artefacts to prove it. Today we are going to look back in time on one such unique cultural aspect of the Japanese culture that is awe inspiring even to this day.

RMC Jeans with Family Crest Kamon EmbroideryThe concept of a family crest or a symbol that denotes the power and status that a family of people holds is limited to the royalty and nobility in the western culture. With the Japanese people, it turns out that even common families had their own symbols. The Japanese family crest symbols are called Kamon and back in the early half of the previous millennium, the beauty of Kamons began to take precedence. It is said that the nobles began to put beautiful patterns on various goods and came to enjoy its beauty. This led to the creation of the concept of the family crest the Kamon. As time passed, simple and natural patterns like flowers and plants were adapted into this concept. Along with their love for the beauty of the Kamon, people of Japanese society back then began to realise that there is a practical aspect to it as well.

The close-knit nature of Japanese society meant that based on a symbol, people could recognise to which family a set of commodities belonged to. As more and more families began to develop their own personal symbol for their family, there were now a wide array of symbols that were in circulation. Although the concept that did not spread to the entire nation, there ended up being more than 5000 recognised Kamons that came into existence.

It was the samurai Clans that made the culture of Kamon very popular. From simple symbols that were used to mark commodities, they began to become the symbol of the honour of families. Kamon symbols began to dominate the flags of Samurai clans when they went into battle. The practice of Kamons was prevalent till the 18th-century, briefly peaking during the Edo period, when the administration gave importance to the Kamon over the family name. Towards the dawn of the 20th-century importance to family names was reverted, which marked the end of the official use of Kamons and the creation of new ones.
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Today while it is not mandatory for a family to have its personalized Kamon, old families with a heavy lineage still use them during important events like a wedding. They remain to be the beautiful symbols and an integral part of Japanese lifestyle till date. Just like the millions of people in Japan who are still huge fans of these iconic family symbols we at RMC Jeans are huge fans of them as well.

Like the many products from RMC Jeans that are inspired by Japanese Heritage and Culture, the Kamon has found its way into our product designs as well. Check out our collection of products inspired by these beautiful Japanese symbols now.

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