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Variety of Bags from RMC Jeans

3rd June, 2018 @ 07.38 pm

Variety of Bags from RMC Jeans

Accessories are an extension of your style. They are conduits that help fine-tune your look. Many accessories are just visual aids, but some are practical and useful, like a sling bag for example. A bag is a traveller’s best friend. If you are a university student or a working professional who constantly needs to travel then a sturdy, quality made bag is vital requirement for you. If your bag also happens to compliment your attire then it works as an ideal style accessory as well. Bags make a great accessory when you wear the right kind with a particular ensemble. Let us take a look at the top recommendations from us that can give your style an edge. Ready? Here we go!

RMC Jeans laminated Canvas Laminated shoulder bag: If you are a fan of RMC jeans and love the radical styling of our products, rest assured, you are going to love this one. Available in Amber, Pink, black and white colour, this bag is designed with the commuting individual in mind. With the main storage space secured by a waterproof zip closure and smaller pockets to store things like keys a mobile phone, this bag is also equipped with a water bottle pocket. Designed to keep all your belongings safe even in harsher a weather, it is Refreshingly RMC in its design.
RMC Laminated canvas shoulder bag
RMC Jeans Nylon Backpack with leather trim and base: Crafted from sturdy Nylon and reinforced with a leather bottom structure, this is a classic student bag by design. Equipped with two front pockets, one styled with the signature RMC jeans logo on the front, this backpack is quite the attractive companion for you. The main storage pocket is secured with a pull cord system increasing the convenience of use. It is secured with a flap system that is equipped with a buckle and a press stud closure button. Simple, sweet and sexy!
RMC Jeans Nylon Backpack in Black
RMC Jeans Despatch bag: Styled after the classic executive bag for the suited up professional, this bag is ideal for you if your job description requires you to dress in smart clothing. It has a nylon construction that is reinforced with a leather base and multiple pockets. Designed to hold your laptop computer, I Pad, files, books and paperwork all at the same time, this bag has plenty of storage space on offer while still managing to look good. It is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and two pick up style straps as well.
RMC Jeans Nylon Backpack in Black
RMC Zipped Canvas Despatch bags: There is a high chance that you may not come across another backpack that is as good looking as this one and we're being modest about it! One of the best products to have come out of the RMC jeans design studio, this is a minimalist approach to storage space and form factor. The bag is big enough to store all the vital stuff that you may need while you are on the go. Secured with a top zipper on the main pocket and with just one more side pocket, this bag is crafted from canvas is going to enhance your street look like never before.
RMC Zipped Canvas Despatch bags
RMC Jeans Denim Duffle bag: Over the years we have mastered the art of crafting things from denim. So we decided to make a simple duffel bag that was sturdy easy to use and lightweight from the fabric we love so much and this is the result. Equipped with a sling, styled with the signature embroidered Tsunami waves design and a pull strap closure system at the top, this is certainly going to be the best-looking duffle bag that you will ever own.

RMC Jeans Denim Duffle bag


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