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Men's Denim Trends for 2018

17th June, 2018 @ 04.11 pm

Men's Denim Trends for 2018

Can you imagine a life without denim jeans? Didn't think so! They are too awesome to be ignored and given their versatility, they can be worn in almost any season. The good news is, denim is trending very high. Vintage styles are making a comeback and they are a huge hit with everyone from the common man to the celebs. There is something that is fascinating happening here with the popularity of denim jeans peaking. They are here to stay and this is exactly why you should indulge in some, especially now that we have new styles in our collection. We have also shifted operations to Okayama, Japan, one of the denim capitals of Japan.

So clearly, good times are in order considering how we have big plans. But for now, let us take a closer look at the latest denim styles that are making waves across the globe. Here are the hottest new denim jeans trends for 2018.

  • Double Denim: Do you know what apparel works the best with denim jeans? A denim jacket of course. This old classic workwear style has survived for close to five generations and with good reason. This combination is ideal for when you are looking to let your hair down and adopt that rugged wild side of yours. The double denim look is effective irrespective of the colour of your choice of denim apparels. You are going to need a pair of slim fit denim jeans, a denim jacket and a pair of white trainers. Wear it in black or blue, it is very hard not to look anything short of spectacular in the double denim look.

    Double Denim

Ripped Jeans

  • 90s Style: The 90s style is back baby! This means plenty of washed grey and blue denim jeans. Relatively loose fitting denim jeans and pale fades were the hallmarks of men's denim jeans back in the day. If you are feeling nostalgic, time to pick up some of those relaxed fit denim jeans, pair them up with checked shirts or a bomber jacket, because the 90s style is all the rage at the moment.
  • White Denim: Men usually tend to stay away from white denim jeans mainly because they feel they don't know how to wear them. White denim jeans can be surprisingly easy to wear. They seem to look remarkably brilliant when worn as a slim fit apparel. Also, white is an elegant colour hence using them to create smart ensembles is the most sensible thing to do. Pair white denim jeans with light coloured jackets knitwear, brogue shoes, loafers and boat shoes to be able to extract the best out of them.


  • Ripped and Distressed: Another style that was popular in the 90s, ripped and distressed denim jeans are no strangers to the aura of the Grunge Rock scene. They are back in a big way. We are huge fans of radical looks that stand out in a crowd and distressed and ripped denim jeans are one such look. You can try the ripped jeans look with a variety of shirts, T-shirts and jackets.

RMC Jeans with pin roll

  • Pin Rolls: By turning up the hems of your denim jeans, you are introducing a completely different look to your casual style. It is also a brilliant way of showing off your footwear. Pin rolled denim jeans look marvellous when worn with rugged looking clothing items. Think plaid shirts, masculine looking jackets and boots. This year has seen a lot of variety in terms of styles adopted with denim jeans and the pin rolled look ranks very high on this list.


2018 is a great year to go denim! What are you waiting for?


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