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Sure-Fire Ways of Wearing Printed Shirts

22nd June, 2018 @ 12.47 pm

Sure-Fire Ways of Wearing Printed Shirts

Summer season is upon us, with the spring season almost faded out. If there is one apparel that is made for the summer, it has to be printed Hawaiian style shirts. There is something very special about them. One of those things is, they seem to make sense only during those seasons when the sun is shining bright. Such is the charm of Hawaiian styled printed shirts. At RMC Jeans, we have a splendid selection of these kinds of shirts, only they come with a radical new look and a heavy dose of custom RMC Jeans styling. Our collection of RMC Jeans printed short sleeve shirts pack plenty of fashion quotient that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on onlookers.

Usually, Hawaiian shirts consist of colourful designs that are made of floral patterns, tropical fruits, the waves of the sea, surfers and of course, hula dancers. What you get from us at RMC Jeans is completely unique and radical. Think of it as an uncanny amalgamation of the east with the west. RMC Jeans Hawaiian shirts are styled with mythological creatures and ancient warriors that come directly from famous artwork created during the medieval era in Japan. This ought to make quite the impression on people whose gaze stops on you this summer.

Each one of the short sleeve shirts that are a part of our collection takes absolutely nothing away from the traditional look of the Hawaiian shirt, they just introduce the aura of Japanese artwork and the charm of RMC Jeans into the equation. The rich colourful design and the distinct artwork is going to fetch you a lot of attention. Here are some ways you can rock RMC Jeans Hawaiian style shirts this summer:
RMC Jeans Hawaiian Printed shirt
•    With Shorts: The combination of Hawaiian shirts with shorts is the stuff of the classics. This combination has to be the most prolific among all styles that are created using the Hawaiian shirt. Style up your shirt with denim or chino trousers for a great look that you can wear to poolside parties or when you are relaxing at the beachside bar for a few drinks. What you get with this style is a fine blend of sexy looks and unmatchable comfort.

•    With Denim Jeans: The combination of colourful Hawaiian shirts and cool looking denim jeans can be worn with a wide variety of denim jeans. From ripped denim jeans to plain and simple ones, these shirts blend seamlessly with your denim jeans to give you a festive look. The good old ‘white t-shirt under the unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt’ look is another classic that is certain to score well, especially with the ladies.
Mens Printed Shirt
•    With Chinos: Looking to dress your Hawaiian shirt up? No problem, it can be done effortlessly. Just pair it up with chino trousers and complete the look with some loafer shoes or casual brogues and you are instantly rocking the supercar owner look with hardly any effort at all. Thanks to the versatility of dark coloured Hawaiian shirts, they fit well into an occasion like a summertime evening hang out at a posh restaurant in a resort.

Check out our collection of Hawaiian shirts and spice things up this summer.

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