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Authentic Japanese Denim

4th July, 2018 @ 01.19 pm

Authentic Japanese Denim

Selvedge denim jeans are produced all over the world. But when it comes to the quality and authenticity of selvedge denim there is one country whose wares stand out from that of the rest of the world. We are talking about Japan. Denim Heads all over the world consider Japanese selvedge denim to be the best denim fabric of all. In fact, it is considered to be far superior to the quality of American denim as well. All this hype about Japanese denim begs the question, is it really so special? Is Japanese Selvedge denim really deserving of the recognition that it gets?

To answer this question there is another question that needs to be answered first. Are there differences between Japanese made denim fabric and denim that is manufactured in other parts of the world? The simple answer to this question lies in the way denim jeans are manufactured in Japan. To begin with, many of the ‘speciality’ manufacturing units of Japan use old-fashioned shuttle looms for the manufacturing process. They are vintage and really old. Some of them have been in use since the 1920s! These old-school machines are what make Japanese denim special.
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As opposed to modern looms, old shuttle looms create denim fabric that has innate variations and imperfections. As ironic as it may sound, these imperfections give Japanese selvedge denim jeans, the character that is so passionately coveted after by denim heads. Compare authentic Japanese denim fabric to your typical off the shelf pair of denim jeans and the first thing that you will notice is the difference in texture. Japanese denim feels rough and hairy. The complex and grainy texture of these denim jeans is what gives them their signature character.
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Denim jeans that are made from authentic raw selvedge denim gives the wearer a unique look. They conform to the shape of their body and create unique patterns that follow the movement of the body in a very unique and a remarkable way. This is a stark contrast compared to ‘ready-made’ styling that is incorporated into denim jeans that are off the shelf. The ‘irregularity’ in the fabric is what gives Japanese denim its recognizable character. Another important aspect where Japanese denim jeans score over denim fabrics manufactured in other parts of the world is with the use of natural indigo dye.

Japan has been world renowned for its textile dyeing prowess since the medieval era. This excellence in the dying process is still preserved in the way Japanese denim makers manufacture denim fabric. Japanese denim is created with a variety of different proprietary dyeing processes which gives them their signature charm. The use of natural Indigo dye gives rise to distinct and unique patterns for the wearer. This can be entirely attributed to the way the natural Indigo dye disintegrated with use.
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With the operations of RMC Jeans relocated to the Okayama prefecture, we have a much better access to denim fabric that is as authentic as it can get. Our products are poised to reach newer levels of quality and brilliance. There are great times in store for all of our customer and fans at RMC Jeans. Stay tuned for the new collection of denim jeans from RMC featuring authentic Japanese made denim fabric.

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