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An Oriental Expression to Your Fashion

21st July, 2018 @ 12.51 pm

An Oriental Expression to Your Fashion

The Japanese, I must say are a whole lot of emotional people. They love their nation and their culture. They would not give up on their culture and tradition that their ancestors imbibed in them and that is why the Japanese culture is famous globally today. From food to fashion, everything stems from their culture and these have taken the world by storm. Although as a country the Japanese have fast evolved and have embraced the modern ways of life, yet they have not forgotten their roots, they are today one of the world’s leading and prominent cultures.

It is because they are loyal to their roots that today Japan is the one and only mecca for the world’s best denims. While the whole world moved on to manufacturing denims using the latest technology and machinery, Japan held onto the roots of denim, it held onto those traditional looms that manufactured denims for those old world guys.

Denims have come a long way and evolved over years, but now the genuine denim enthusiasts want to go back to its roots and opt for those jeans that are traditionally made. The jeans that our grandfathers and great grandfathers wore and those are the raw selvedge denim that used traditional looms. Japan, because of its passion for culture and tradition retained those looms from the early 1900s and still uses them to produce these denims.

Lucky Buddha and Gold Nugget Kanji embroidered Jeans

The beauty of the raw selvedge denims jeans produced from these looms can be compared to those of human fingerprints. Just like the fingerprint of a person is unique only to him in the entire world, each denim that comes from these looms is unique and individual. These selvedges are made in small batches and that is why they are very expensive and the scarlet thread that you see on the inside of a turn-up is the signature of its quality.

Martin Ksohoh is well known to uphold the culture and tradition of Japan which can be seen in his designs. All his designs take inspiration from the nature of Japan, the culture of Japan and its tradition. Each design takes the form of pure handmade embroidered art that goes on raw selvedge denims. These embroidered arts are elaborate and extremely beautiful and distinctive. Those who prefer his work and design have a common quality and that is a taste and a desire to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Denim Jeans with two BUDDHAS and harvest embroidery

The designs range from dragons to tsunami waves, from samurai warriors to Japanese Gods, from the zodiac calendar to Buddha, from rich Japanese landscape to folklore scenes. Each pair of jeans is unique from the next and once you see them you just cannot keep your hands off them. Each design is handmade and the intricacy shows the amount of work that has gone into making it.

These denims have been patronized by celebrities worldwide such as Jay-Z, T.I. Akon, soccer stars Darren Bent, Thierry Henry and Djibril Cissé. When you wear a denim designed by Martin Ksohoh, rest assured that you will be class apart!

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