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How to Perfect your Style Game with Shirts and Denim Jeans

4th August, 2018 @ 03.44 pm

How to Perfect your Style Game with Shirts and Denim Jeans

A shirt and denim jeans are two of the most important items of style in any man’s wardrobe. They are usually on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to their degree of formality. The dress shirt is part of some of the most sophisticated dress codes used all over the world. From black tie events to the tuxedo of a prince on his wedding day, a dress shirt is at the epitome of sartorial excellence. Denim jeans on the other hand are an apparel that is all about being casual and being yourself without the slightest compromise on great looks.

But do you know what? When men’s shirts and denim jeans come together, you get a style that is fantastic and unique. When combined well, they make you look like you have a firm handle on your style and yet are creative enough to look sexy. It is an extremely versatile style and no matter what your style is or the occasion you are dressing up for, you are guaranteed to find one that works well for you.

Let's look at some effective ways to wear a shirt with denim jeans:

blue denim shirt black denim jeans

●    Smart: Adding denim jeans into a smart look gives your style the interest that it deserves. The key to achieving a smart look with denim jeans and a shirt depends on your choice of denim jeans. Go with a darker tone of jeans like black or deep blue. Ideally, darker colours are what defines a ‘smart’ attire. Something like a blue denim shirt worn over a pair of black denim jeans with a pair of brogues has all the making of a great smart look with denim jeans and a shirt. You can play around with this look by trying it with a variety of footwear for more options.
blue checked shirt

●    Smart Casual: With the smart casual style is where you get to be more creative. This is because you can play around a little with the colour and pattern of your shirt for example. The best way to do this is by adopting the captivating looks of a checked shirt. Try on darker colours with small check patterns to smarten up your style. Alternatively red, maroon and lighter shades of a blue checked shirt will help you tone down your look towards a more casual side of things.

Slim fit denim jeans light coloured shirt
●    Casual: Here is where things get really interesting. Dress shirts, Oxford shirts, and even checked shirts with a pleasant low contrast work flawlessly with a pair of denim jeans. You are free to play around with the colour of your denim jeans as well as the shirt with this style. The rule of thumb is that a light coloured shirt looks the best with darker coloured denim jeans. Now when it comes to pairing dress shirts with denim jeans, it is all about the fit. A dress shirt tends to have a closer fit. Slim fit denim jeans are ideal to play around with this style.

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