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Yoropiko, the Dark Horse

9th August, 2018 @ 06.33 pm

Yoropiko, the Dark Horse

Achieving consistency in the fashion industry can be quite the daunting task. It is all about keeping customers enthralled and on their feet. Even the slightest signs of monotony can spell doom for a fashion house. At RMC jeans we are all about creating refreshing designs that are unique. This brings us to Yoropiko, the brand that encompasses some of the most intricate work to come out of our studios. Think of it as the AMG of Mercedes Benz or the Abarth of Fiat. Yoropiko is the dark horse of RMC Jeans and the products released under this banner are an absolute treat for the eyes.

It is all about taking something simple yet iconic, like a pair of raw selvedge denim jeans and spicing it up with some of the most vivid designs you have ever seen. The Yoropiko Hungry Dragon collection is a testament to what the brand represents, a sublime culmination of elements taken from modern western attire and artwork that dates all the way back to medieval era Japan. Using these two incredible elements that have a world of difference between them and bringing them together to create something truly special is the core of the dark horse that is Yoropiko.  
stormtrooper artwork
The collection of men’s clothing under the brand Yoropiko is made up of authentic vintage style raw denim jeans with the most artistic embroidery that you have even seen on denim jeans. From the iconic oriental designs to the popular culture, there is a rich selection of choices in just the artwork alone. All of Yoropiko products are fun apparel that are colourful. From the T-shirts printed with witty designs and slogans to artwork that draw inspiration from pop culture. Take, for example, the Star Wars collection of denim jeans. The collection consists of t-shirts and authentic raw selvedge denim jeans with Stormtroopers artwork. It did not take very long for this collection to get sold out at all!
reversible embroidered jackets
The best part of the Yoropiko collection is that they go on to become authentic collectors’ items very quickly. The rich designs of Yoropiko are not limited just to denim jeans. They make some brilliant appearances on denim jackets, t-shirts, scarves and reversible embroidered jackets as well. The elegance of the product portfolio of Yoropiko as a brand is what makes it special. It is like the uniqueness of RMC Jeans has been given a ground-up treatment to make it something even more special.

authentic vintage denim jeans

Another good reason why Yoropiko is adored by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike is the authentic nature of the denim products included in the product portfolio. Yoropiko denim products are made exclusively from raw selvedge denim that is dyed using natural Indigo, i.e the dye extracted from the pigments of the Indigo plant. Such a rich level of product design is rarely to be found in today's digital age world since the art of creatingis almost non-existent today. 

The next time you come across Yoropiko products, you can be certain that they are among the very top of the range of products that come out of our design studio. Try the charismatic style of Yoropiko products today.

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