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Wear Your Zodiac Sign - Year of the Rabbit

22nd September, 2018 @ 09.48 am

Wear Your Zodiac Sign - Year of the Rabbit

Your birth date and your birth year decide which zodiac sign you fall under, and throughout the world the zodiac signs can vary. In the western zodiac sign you could be a Scorpio, but as per the Indian zodiac sign you could be a Piscean and similarly in a Chinese zodiac the same birth date and birth year may make you fall under the snake sign, but whichever zodiac you patronize, the fact that you will be all these in the zodiacs of different cultures will not change, it will forever be the truth. Since the internet has brought the world together, different things about different cultures are coming to light, and the Chinese Zodiac is one such topic that has intrigued the world. The Chinese zodiac is different from the western culture as it is a yearly cycle and not a monthly cycle. To know all about it read the Introduction to the Chinese Zodiac.

As the fashion world looks at new horizons for motivation and inspiration, the Chinese Zodiac has caught its eye and has been used by various popular designers. One of the designers who do complete justice to the Chinese Zodiac is Martin Ksohoh with his beautiful and intricate hand embroidered details of the Patron Deities on the raw selvedge denim jeans for men.

Introduction to the Chinese ZodiacLast time we spoke about the year of the rat, year of the ox, and year of the tiger designs. Today we talk about The Year of the Rabbit. It is the fourth sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The years of the Rabbit are 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, etc. It comes once in 12 years, and if you are born in the year of the rabbit, then this RMC Jeans Year of the Rabbit Raw Denim Jeans is just the thing for you.

Year of the Rabbit Jeans from RMCOn one of the back pockets you can see an intricately hand embroidered image of the patron deity of The Year of the Rabbit, Monju Bosatsu. He is the Buddhist deity of wisdom, intelligence and willpower. He is considered the wisest among all Bodhisattvas and hence is the voice of Buddhist Law. He is often depicted wearing five knots of hair, three are visible in this particular image. These five knots represent the five wisdom peaks of China’s Mt. Wutaishan. It also represents the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The intricacy with which the details of the jewels have been brought out is clearly visible on the design. He is holding the sword of wisdom in his right hand which is used to slay the ignorance and bring enlightenment to a human being. In his left hand, he is holding the blue lotus or utpala which represents his attainment of ultimate realization from the blossoming of wisdom. He is seated in a meditative posture on a lotus with a halo in his background. The kanji word which represents him can be seen on his right arm as well as on the other pocket. All these designs are embroidered on a beautiful background of tsunami waves.

It is a well-known fact that people born in The Year of The Rabbit are very stylish. Having a classy and polished taste in fashion, this pair of jeans is perfect for them. Rabbits emphasize attention to detail and this intricately embroidered pair of jeans is something they cannot ignore. Apart from their fashion sense, they are also popular for their other traits such as being wise, creative, sensitive, kind, loving, cautious, understanding, tactful, and diplomatic. Rabbits are known to wriggle out of a difficult situation with their wisdom. Apart from that, they are also good listeners which is a trait many people like in them. They have a good eye for art. Green is their lucky colour.

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