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The Year of the Dragon

7th October, 2018 @ 12.47 pm

The Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon is the fifth zodiac in the Chinese Zodiac calendar and it is one of the most desired signs to be born under. First of all, the Dragon is the only mythical character that features in the entire Chinese Zodiac, and it is believed that people born in the year of the Dragon are lucky and have characteristics that allow them to lead a successful life. Due to this belief, there is a surge in Asian couples planning their child’s birth in the dragon year.

The Years of the Dragon are 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, etc. Dragons are zealous and one of their popular traits is that they are extremely ambitious. Intelligence and strength help them achieve their ambition. They are also known to be powerful which makes them very popular with others. Dragons are free spirits and they hate anything or anyone who tries to hinder their creativity or try to control them. However, their natural ability to become popular effortlessly can make them conceited, insensitive and intolerant sometimes. The paths that favour them the most are politics, inventions, marketing, etc.

Year of the Dragon JeansFor those born in the Year of the Dragon, Martin Ksohoh brings the RMC JEANS YEAR OF THE DRAGON DENIM JEANS. As unique as the dragons are, they would like to adorn this one of a kind jeans to flaunt it and stand out in the crowd. This is an authentic raw selvedge denim and features a distinctive and intricate hand embroidered back pockets. An image of Fugen Bosatsu, the patron deity of the Year of the Dragon can be seen on one pocket. He is the deity of universal goodness, virtue and worthiness. He teaches that action and conduct is as important as thought and meditation. In the design, it can be seen that he is sitting in a meditative posture also known as padmasana and his hands are pressed together in prayer which is known as Gasshō Mudra or Anjali Mudra. He is sitting on a lotus. The lotus is an important flower in Buddhism as it symbolizes rising above the material world and achieving enlightenment. Lotus grows in muddy water which is considered the material world and the flower grows to be so beautiful despite its environment, which symbolizes enlightenment. On the other pocket is the Kanji word which represents Fugen Bosatsu. Both these embroideries have a background of embroidered tsunami waves which is a hallmark of all Martin Ksohoh creations.

Dragons are known to be fierce in their dressing sense and do not hesitate from experimenting. Their lucky colours are gold, silver, greyish white. They are known to set trends and love to experiment with the latest trend while not hesitating to meddle with vintage style. This RMC year of the dragon jeans will be a perfect item in any dragon’s closet. When you step out of your house with these jeans on, you are sure to uphold your reputation as a trendsetter once again!

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