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Top Denim Jeans from RMC

21st October, 2018 @ 03.31 pm

Top Denim Jeans from RMC

Denim jeans are a very important part of any man’s wardrobe in the winter. They are practical effective and most importantly, good looking. This makes them an essential for the upcoming months of the Year.  Fortunately for you, we are one of the best denim manufacturers in the world and our official website happens to be one of the best places to get your hands on world-class denim jeans crafted from raw selvedge denim. We have a diverse collection of jeans that comprises embroidered masterpieces and rugged looking vintage cut denim jeans.

Our collection comprises of three main product lines which are the RMC Martin Ksohoh, RMC MKWS and Yoropiko collection. Each one of our collection of denim jeans is crafted from the highest quality of Japanese raw selvedge denim which is a coveted fabric in the world of denim jeans. The Martin Ksohoh and Yoropiko collections feature some of the best embroidery artwork that you will have ever come across on denim jeans. This winter, add the outstanding charm of our products into your casual style. We have decided to break this down further so you know what to look for when you check out our product section for the new jeans.
RMC Martin Ksohoh
•    RMC Martin Ksohoh: With plenty of options to choose from, the RMC Martin Ksohoh collection is made up of products that are stunningly beautiful. We have a wide variety of embroidery designs which are a part of this collection. Each and every one of these pieces is grand. Their grandeur is one of the main reasons why they sell out in a flash. The artwork is inspired by oriental art and these denim jeans have achieved a cult status. Incredibly charming and extremely practical, these denim jeans are thick enough to keep you warm and comfy throughout the winter.

•    RMC MKWS: The MKWS collection of denim jeans is styled after the iconic American denim jeans of the 1940 and 50s. Each one of the denim jeans under the RMC MKWS collection is a special product conceptualized by our mastermind designer, Martin Yat Ming. The first thing that you would notice about them is there impeccable quality. These denim jeans are a brilliant option for individuals who prefer the plain looks of vintage styled denim jeans. The jeans are crafted from unwashed selvedge denim and are designed to look good with a wide variety of dual shirts t-shirts and jackets making them a superb new design to your casual wardrobe when the weather gets colder.
•    Yoropiko: Consider the Yoropiko collection of denim jeans as our flagship product. The Hungry Dragon collection features stunningly beautiful Japanese artwork of a dragon on the back. This design comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. The grand look of the Hungry Dragon denim jeans is ideal for wearing with Suka jackets, another star attraction that is a part of our product portfolio. Treat your audience to the magnificence of the Yoropiko hungry Dragon collection.

This winter Spice up your casual fashion with the brilliance of RMC denim jeans.

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