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Year of the Snake

25th October, 2018 @ 10.54 am

Year of the Snake

The year of the Snake is the sixth sign in the . It was the race organized to cross a great river by the Jade Emperor in the days of yore for the animals of the forest that lead to 12 different animals gaining a position in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. The snake came in sixth. It would have been in seventh position, if it was not for its shrewd and intelligent ways. As the snake was not that good a swimmer he hitched a hidden ride on the horse’s hoof while the horse was crossing the river. Once they were near the finish line, the snake jumped off the hoof startled the horse and slid onto the finishing line to gain its sixth position.

The 12 zodiac animals also represent the cycle of hours in the day with each animal given a two-hour time period. The time of the snake is between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. This is also the time the sun starts to warm up the earth and the snakes being cold-blooded come out of their holes and to bask in the sun.Chinese Zodiac calendar

RMC Year of the Snake denim jeansThe years of the Snake are 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, etc. People born in the year of the snake are known to be deep thinkers and have a lot of wisdom. They are also the owners of creative minds and are passionate. Their other attributes include enigmatic charisma, persuasive, strong, careful, and soft-spoken. However, their persuasive habit when it gets out of hand reveals their self-centred and ambitious darker side. They also like to operate alone whatever work it may be and hence they are self-reliant. There are very rare occasions when they seek the counsel of others. The other negative traits of snakes include being possessive, jealous, stubborn, and cold. They can be successful as teachers, writers, councillors or philosophers.

From the house of Martin Ksohoh comes a very special pair of jeans for the people born in the year of the Snake. RMC Year of the Snake denim jeans are crafted from authentic raw selvedge denim with exquisite hand embroidered back pockets which features the patron deity of the Year of the Snake Fugen Bosatsu. He is also the patron deity of the year of the Dragon and is known as the deity of Universal Goodness, Virtue, & Worthiness. The design shows him seated in the meditative posture or Padmasana and he is holding his hands in the prayer position or the Anjali Mudra. He is sitting on a lotus which signifies enlightenment and detachment from the worldly pleasures. On the other pocket is the Kanji word which represents Fugen Bosatsu.

Since snakes tilt towards classic style when it comes to fashion, this RMC Year of the Snake denim jeans with a classy and distinctive hand embroidered design is perfect for them to stand out from the crowd. Snakes are not too quick to jump onto the latest trends and stick to what they believe in. Classy appeals to them. Black, red, and yellow are some of the lucky colours for the snake. Well, this blue selvedge denim will not harm the snakes in any way since it has all the lucky colours of the snake woven into beautiful intricate embroidery on the back pockets. Go ahead and try them on.

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