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RMC Jeans - The Flying Tigers

3rd November, 2018 @ 06.02 am

RMC Jeans - The Flying Tigers

Military-inspired apparel is an acquired taste. The point we are trying to make is they are not for everyone. This is one of the main reasons why some people stay away from it and others don't hesitate to buy it. Purists are of the opinion that military-inspired fashion is a bit of an overkill. But one central theme in the fashion that plays a huge role in defining what it is, is the sense of belonging. Why do people wear the colour of their favourite sports team, band or brands? It is because it is an important part of their life and they are proud to express it.

With military clothes it is the same. Contrary to popular belief it is not about looking tough. A sense of respect and adulation towards the armed forces is actually expected from a citizen of any nation. At RMC Jeans, we are no different! We only differ from the mainstream crowd in our penchant for history, art, oriental culture, and of course, popular culture. A good long look at our collection of men's apparel should have already told you this. Staying true to our design philosophy we have the newest goodies in store for you. May we also state that this collection of apparel holds a special place in our hearts?

If you have checked out our feature on the Flying Tigers, you already know that it was a feature about the most iconic and game-changing squadrons from the Second World War. The boys whose uniforms bore the iconic emblem of the Flying Tiger were underdogs. They were expected to fight, but they weren't expected to win. They rose to stand against the menacing authority of the aces from the imperialistic Japanese regime. They fought hard and smartly. Eventually, when it was time for them to get absorbed into the US air force, they took a bow as the most celebrated allied warriors who had put a huge dent in the enemy war machine. An incredible feat that will be remembered forever.
Flying Tiger T-shirt
With the Flying Tigers collection we pay homage to these airborne legends who safeguarded our liberty and freedom.

•    Flying Tiger T-shirts: These Flying Tiger t-shirts are crafted from 100% cotton and are a standard crew neck design. This is a simple and a straightforward design, bearing the legendary flying tiger logo. This is a great way for you to stimulate the curiosity of the people around you about the Legendary AVG Squadron.
Flying Tiger Jeans
•    Flying Tiger Jeans: A homage and it doesn't make an appearance on our denim jeans? Now that can't happen. The Flying Tiger denim jeans from RMC Jeans are crafted from raw unwashed selvedge denim in signature RMC style. The denim jeans are a standard five pocket design. They are styled with the shark head design on the sides. Apart from the Flying Tiger logo itself, these denim jeans carry the iconic ‘shark teeth’ design, the same ones that adorned the actual fighter planes used by the members of the AVG! How is that for a tribute?

•    Flying Tiger Jackets: Jackets are the ultimate apparel where military insignia, symbols and colours look the hottest. So we just had to create a jacket as a part of the Flying Tigers collection. The Flying Tiger bomber jacket is styled with the RMC Jeans style tiger camo. The logo adorns the chest region of the jacket. This is a classic-styled bomber jacket with ribbed cuffs and a waistline.

RMC Camo Jacket with Flying Tiger Embroidery

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