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Year of the Sheep

18th November, 2018 @ 02.50 pm

Year of the Sheep

The ram or sheep is the eighth sign in the Chinese Zodiac calender. In Chinese culture, the sheep is regarded as an auspicious animal and hence they believe that “The Year of the Sheep” is a year of prosperity. As per mythology, when the Jade emperor announced that the first twelve animals to reach his palace will be awarded places in the Chinese Zodiac calendar as per the order of their arrival, all animals started racing and they had to cross a huge river on the way. The sheep and the deer who were also contenders in the race started off together, but when it came to cross the huge river the deer was so tired that it gave up the race, while the sheep struggled on and came in eighth position. The year of the ram/sheep are 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, etc.

Chinese Zodiac calendarThe 12 zodiac animals also represent the cycle of hours in the day with each animal given a two-hour time period. The time of the ram/sheep is between 1-3 p.m. People born in the year of the Ram are very docile, kind-hearted, compassionate, and tender. They are known for their sincerity. Their strongest known trait is their perseverance, which is an example of how the ram did not give up like the deer and swam through the river. They are keen observers and never act brashly. They are also popular for their generosity be it money or giving time to someone. They are strong and resilient and if it goes the negative way they can be very stubborn and difficult to communicate with. However, their mild and empathetic personality allows them to have many friends. Green, red, and purple are their lucky colours.

When it comes to style ram/sheep are well-known not to follow trends. They have a strong personal sense of style. Their style is usually a blend of classic and modern, similar to this RMC Year of the Ram Jeans which is a combination of both classic and modern and will definitely appeal to the personal sense of style of the rams. The denim jeans are made out of authentic raw selvedge denim and sport a mind-blowing traditional handmade embroidery of the Patron Deity of the Year of the Ram/Sheep on one of the back pockets. The design shows an intricately sewn image of Dainichi Nyorai, who is the patron deity of the year of the ram/sheep. He is known as the all-encompassing Buddha or also known as the Great Sun who illuminates the universe. He represents the centre or Zenith.
Year of the Sheep Jeans from RMC
He can be seen sitting on a lotus in a meditative posture or Padmasana. The characteristic hand gesture of Dainichi can be seen in the embroidery which is the Vajra Mudra or the Knowledge Fist Mudra. The five fingers of the right hand can be seen clasping the index finger of the left hand. The gesture symbolizes the unity of the five worldly elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space with the mind or spiritual consciousness. The Buddha is wearing an elaborate crown and adorned with jewellery. On the other pocket is the kanji word representing Dainichi Nyorai Buddha.

This unique zodiac design of raw denim jeans is the perfect apparel for people born in the Year of the Sheep to show off their classy yet modern style.

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