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Jeans that Fit

2nd December, 2018 @ 02.49 pm

Jeans that Fit

Finding the right pair of denim jeans in today’s time and era is not a simple task. Take a good look around you. The choices of the various styles and fit that denim jeans come in can be overwhelming. The struggle is real! Should you stay with relaxed fits? Should you transition to slim fits? Would low rise jeans be appropriate for your body type and age? The flurry of choices seems to make life more complicated by raising questions that need not exist. It takes quite a bit of understanding of what your body type requires and what flatters your style, to even begin to know what type of jeans are perfect for you.

First things first, you need to measure yourself and the right way to do this is by starting off at the waist and then at the inseam. They are two of the most important values that determine how well your clothes fit you and we assure you there is absolutely nothing more important than a great fit if you are looking to buy denim jeans. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist at the place where you would like the waistband of your denim jeans to rest. Follow this with taking a measurement of the inside of your legs all the way to the top till your private area. Knowing what your inseam and waistline measurements are can be a huge advantage when buying denim jeans since most manufacturers of jeans mention these measurements on the apparel. Once you have these numbers in place you can jump into the search of finding the pair of denim jeans that are perfect for you.

At RMC Jeans, we believe that there is no substitute for trying on a pair of jeans before you buy them and we highly recommend it. But before you begin your trials it is important to know what the various types of fits actually mean. Here are some common types that are on offer from almost every major design house in the world:
Slim Fit Jeans
●    Slim Fit: Undeniably one of the favourites and the most sought after styles, slim fit denim jeans are ideal for you if you are a tall man with a lean build. The thigh region of these jeans is narrower and they are designed to hug your body, accentuating the silhouette of your figure.

●    Regular fit: The go to choice of the men who are totally into comfort, they carry the traditional look of the denim jeans of the 50s. Although not favoured a lot by younger men, these jeans are the quintessential pair of jeans and a wardrobe essential as well. Easy on your body and easy on your eyes, regular fit denim jeans have been in trend for close to seven decades now.
Regular Fit Jeans
●    Relaxed fit: These jeans come with more fabric at the back and are ideal for men with muscular legs. Their definition tends to change from one manufacturer to the other but the differences are not very drastic. Relaxed fit denim jeans are considered to be ideal for men with well-built thighs and glutes.

●    Rise: In simple words, the length of your denim jeans from your crutch to your waistline is what rise means. Depending upon the dressing scenario, the three main types of rises are High, Low and Loose.

The next time you are headed for the trial room bear these points in mind. They are guaranteed to help you find your style.

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