Spot a Fake

Real leather patch - RMC logo redGenuine and authentic RMC Martin Ksohoh jeans only use a real leather waist band patch.

The RMC Logo is always red.

The waist band patch has a unique laser cut serial number, and each jean has its own unique serial number to identify authenticity.

Red tab is always red on outside as well as insideRed tab always with red on outside as well as inside.

If the red tab has white inside the flag. its a counterfiet fake RMC Martin Ksohoh jean

Genuine RMC Martin Ksohoh jean only uses Red tab flag.

If the red tab flag is any other colour, its a counterfiet fake RMC Martin Ksohoh jean

see end of this section to see examples of counterfiets fakes RMC Martin Ksohoh Jeans

Examples of fakesExamples of fake tote bags, plastic bags, swing tags and paper ribbon.

If the jeans come with any of this examples, its a counterfiet fake RMC Martin Ksohoh jean

A number of examples of counterfiet fake jeans can be found below. THESE ARE NOT SELVEDGE DENIM!

Examples of fakes Examples of fakes Examples of fakes Examples of fakes

Example of fake tabThis is an example of counterfiet fake jeans. RED TAB FLAG SHOWS WHITE INSIDE


Example of fake labelsFake Counterfiet labeling.


Example of fake waistbandExample of counterfiet fake waistband patch made of plather or plastic

Genuine and authentic RMC Martin Ksohoh jeans only use real leather waist band patch and Waist band patch has unique lazer cut serial numbering and each jean has its own unique serial number to identify authenticity


Under the trademark infringement of Hong Kong law, any company or person who, without the authorization of NEW CAPITAL TRADING LTD, uses the RMC trade mark to manufacture or produce for sale, all losses and commercial damage will be prosecuted by law

Martin Ksohoh and NEW CAPITAL TRADING LTD are the originator and trade mark owners of RMC Martin Ksohoh and all intellectual property rights. Designs past, present and future are solely owned worldwide by Martin Ksohoh and New Capital Trading Ltd. NO FACTORIES OR THIRD PARTIES HAVE THE RIGHTS NOR HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE RIGHTS TO LICENSE OR REPRODUCE ANY OF RMC MARTIN KSOHOH DESIGNS OR USE OF THE TRADE MARK OR OFFER TO SELL DIRECTLY. ANYONE CLAIMING SUCH RIGHTS, THE BUYERS SHOULD SEEK TO OBTAIN A SIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL LEGAL DOCUMENTS WHICH CAN BE VERIFIED BY NEW CAPITAL TRADING LTD EITHER DIRECTLY OR THROUGH SALES@RMCJEANS.COM. It is illegal to import, manufacture, offer for sale, sell, advertise or distribute counterfeit or infringing RMC, RED MONKEY/RMC MARTIN KSOHOH products. These activities are in violation of the law and can carry both criminal and civil penalties

Rmc,Red Monkey / RMC Martin Ksohoh is one of the worlds most sought after leading fashion brand / house which strictly controls all designs, manufacturing, distribution and advertising to preserve the integrity of the brand. We are committed to combating any infringement of our intellectual property rights, this is why we delete any counterfeit/fake products from any websites that we come across. Not only to preserve the brand integrity but also to protect the interest of the consumer who expects certain quality and service standards to come with the RMC, Red Monkey/RMC Martin Ksohoh products. These products are only sold through a network of authorised stores and select high-end retailers

Any person who sells or resells or offers for sale or resale or who purchases and keeps or has in his or her possession with the intent to sell or resell any goods he or she knows or should have known bear a forged or counterfeit trademark or copyrighted or registered design . . .shall be guilty of the offence of selling or offering for sale counterfeit trademark or copyrighted goods or services.